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1. 1974 was declared as the year of_________ by U.N.O

(a) Copernicus Year
(b) International Book Year
(c) World Population Year
(d) International Tourism Year

The Correct option is –(c) World Population Year

2. Who was the secretary-General of the United Nations in 1991

(a) U.Thant
(b) Jayler Perez De Cueller
(c) Trygve Lie
(d) Butros Ghahi

The Correct option is – (d) Butros Ghahi

3. I.L.O was established in

(a) 1942
(b) 1927
(c) 1919
(d) 1930

The Correct option is – (c) 1919

4. The headquarters of I.M.F is at

(a) Geneva
(b) Paris
(c) Washington
(d) Hague

The Correct option is – (c) Washington

5. What are the main blots on the U.N.O

(a) Power Politics
(b) Racial Discrimination
(c) Lack of 100% populations coverage of the wotld
(d) All the above

The Correct option is – (d)All the above

6. When did the United Nations adopted the Charter of Economic Rights

(a) December 1980
(b) December 1964
(c) December 1974
(d) December 1976

The Correct option is – (a) December 1980

7. For a long period, China was represented in the United Nations by

(a) Taiwan
(b) Peking
(c) Hongkong
(d) Tokyo

The Correct option is – (d) Tokyo

8. Who is the secretary General of the United Nations

(a) Trigve Lie
(b) Jayler Perez De Cueller
(c) Butros Ghali
(d) U.Thant

The Correct option is – (c) Butros Ghali

9. The U.N. Charter consist of

(a) 34 articles
(b) 40 articles
(c) 44 articles
(d) 54 articles

The Correct option is – (a) 34 articles

10. The General Assembly of the United Nations have designated 1992 as

(a) International Child Year
(b) International Space Year
(c) International year of the Family
(d) International year of Literacy

The Correct option is – (b) International Space Year

By:Dagmar KUNZE | On:20-NOV-2014 15:53:48

Please review quiz on UN, many mistakes, Taiwan not Tokyo, Boutros Boutros-Ghali not Ghahi etc very poor

By:Ekta azad | On:19-OCT-2014 13:54:22

nice questions...

By:XXXXXXXXXXX | On:15-MAY-2013 06:19:42

A resolution establishing the United Nations Charter of Economic Rights and Duties of States was passed on 12 December 1974. Also, the sentence asking that question is grammatically incorrect. It should be "When did the United Nations adopt the Charter of Economic Rights", not "When did the United Nations adopted the Charter of Economic Rights"

By:RUPAK RAJ | On:12-OCT-2012 12:13:56

ya i am very happy with ur question

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