CBSE Class 12th Solved Biology Question Paper Set-II 2014

Find CBSE Class 12th Biology Solved Question Paper 2014.

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Find CBSE Class 12th Biology Solved Question Paper 2014. These questions have been solved as per the standards followed by CBSE while solving this Question Paper

A few Questions from this Set are given below:

Q. Why is Gambusia introduced into drains and ponds?

Sol. Gambusia is also known by the name of Mosquitofish. Here the fish feeds upon the larva of mosquito along with some other planktons. Feeding upon larva is helpful in restricting the breeding of mosquitoes ultimately checking the diseases spread by mosquitoes.

Q. State Gause’s Competitive Exclusion Principle.

Sol. Gause’s Competitive Exclusion Principle is referred to as the process where two closely related species compete with each other for the resource. These species cannot co-exist in a single place thereby resulting in elimination of either one of the species

Q. State the role of C peptide in human insulin.

Sol. C peptide is found in pro-insulin and is removed during the successive steps of insulin formation. C peptide is non-functional in nature and it keeps the chain A and chain B separate, so that disulphide bond between chain A and B can be formed at correct position.

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