Engineering entrance exams 2018: How to shed tag of poor performer

Sometimes it happens that in spite of working hard you did not get good scores. In such cases you should stop for some time and rethink about your strategies and plans. This article talks about some methods to improve poor performances in engineering entrance examinations. Read this article to get complete information.

Engineering entrance exams 2018
Engineering entrance exams 2018

If you come out with poor performance in any engineering entrance examination in spite of investing enough time to adequately prepare for the examination, then you should stop for some time and rethink about your strategies and plans. Any student can have poor academic performance. However, unless it becomes a trend or impacts possible upheavals; it is should not be a serious concern. He only has to take out some time for consideration of the possible crisis.

Here, we have provided 5 ways to shed tag of poor performer in your examination.

1. Find the root cause

jee exam 2017 preparation tips

The first step you should take to shed the tag of poor performance in engineering entrance examinations is to dig deep and find out where this temporary poor performance is stemming. Usually it happens that while solving problems students only look at the formulae from their note books and do not learn it. If this happens then you will pay heavily in the examination. In spite of knowing how to solve the problem you do not remember the formulae required to solve it, this besides reducing your score will also degrade your morale.

Sometimes it happen that knowing answer to all questions you cannot manage time in the examination hall. This happens when you do not practice previous years’ question papers and sample papers. So, practicing sample paper and previous years’ question paper is a must do activity before all engineering entrance examinations. Suppose you are going for JEE Main Examination then solve at least 3-4 sample papers and previous year papers beforehand. Similarly if you are going for UPSEE or WBJEE examination then solve at least 3-4 papers for the same.

2. Get Feedback

feed back from others about you preparation for jee

For effective learning and improving performance in your studies, feedback plays an important role. It helps students understand the subject being studied and gives them clear guidance on how to improve their performances. You should always seek feedback from your teachers and friends about your performance in class and tests. Usually the fault lines which you cannot see in your performance can be easily seen by them. So, seek feedback on regular basis. Analyzing feedback in a positive manner will help you in improving your performances. We should always take criticism constructively and learn from our past mistakes. It will not help you only in improving your exam scores but also be very helpful in future course.

3. Take small steps first for improvement:

be regular in you jee coaching classes

It is not very easy to overcome your shortcomings. You should work them on a regular basis. One of the quickest ways to get rid of it is by performing smaller tasks that are more short term in nature first and then go for bigger tasks. A number of small wins will boost your morale and help you in improving your performance. For example, If you miss your classes often, then stop doing it immediately; pay attention in the class; revise whatever has been taught in class; practice 2-3 problems on the concepts taught in class; stretch your study time by 10-15 minutes firstly. By practicing these small steps you will notice significant changes in yourself.

After these small steps you can go for big one, you can start practicing at least one sample paper /previous years question paper in a week which you can stretch to 2-3 during examination time.

JEE Main Previous Years' Question Papers

4. Study in Group and Stay with Toppers:

group study in engineering exam preparation

Depending on your study group and the atmosphere in which you stay, it can help you grow or pull you down. During your preparation time for engineering entrance examinations you should always choose study groups which consists of toppers or those who are very good in at least one subject like Physics, Chemistry or Mathematics. In groups study, students share their knowledge with each other in most efficient manner. The advantage of group study can be understood with the help of simple example that if a group consists of five members and each member has learnt one new concept then at the same time each member of the group can learn five new concepts. Studying for long hours alone can be monotonous activity. However, when you join the group study, you can break this monotony and learn faster.

Before you join any study group, you should know its member and environment and choose it very carefully.

5. Consistency:

Consistency in the performance is must

This is the most important part of your performance improvement strategy. All the four ways discussed above to shed tag of poor performer requires consistency. “Success is neither magical nor mysterious.  Success is the natural consequence of consistently applying basic fundamentals.”  –  Jim Rohn.

You should be consistent in your efforts to improve yourself. Make your own rules and also punish yourself if you break them. For example if you miss your study hours one day then on the next day compensate them along with penalty. In this way you can keep a check on yourself.

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