UPSEE Chemistry Question Paper and Solution 2018

In this article, the subject experts of Chemistry bring to you the solved question paper of UPSEE 2018 (Chemistry Section). Here, you will get the detailed solutions of all 50 objective type questions asked in the exam.

UPSEE Chemistry Question Paper and Solution 2018
UPSEE Chemistry Question Paper and Solution 2018

Engineering aspirants will get completely solved question paper of UPSEE 2018 (Chemistry section) in this article. There are 50 questions in Chemistry section of UPSEE 2018 question paper. Here, you will find the detailed solutions of all the questions. To avoid cheating in the examination, students were provided with four different sets of question papers namely AA, AB, AC and AD. The questions in all the sets were almost similar (except slight modification in the order of questions). Here, we are providing the solutions of Set AA.

Engineering aspirants must try to solve last five year’s question papers. Sometimes, 2-3 questions are repeated directly from previous years’ papers in UPSEE. Before checking the solutions or Answer Key, students must solve each question on a notebook or paper instead of solving orally. Students can click on the link given below to download question paper in PDF format.

UPSEE Chemistry Question Paper 2018

Why should student solve UPSEE Previous Years’ Question Papers?

  • To get an idea about the important topics and concepts.
  • To modify their preparation strategy after knowing strength and weakness.
  • To improve speed and accuracy of solving questions.

Some sample questions from the Chemistry section of UPSEE 2018 paper are given below:


Which is the correct formula of Forstrite?

(A) Mg2SiO4

(B) Al2(OH)4 (Si2O5)

(C) Zr SiO4

(D) Ca3Si3O9


Pure Forsterite is composed of magnesium, oxygen and silicon. The chemical formula is Mg2SiO4.

Hence, the correct option is (A).


Which of the following does not show a resonance effect?

(A) C6H5OH

(B) C6H5Cl

(C) C6H5NH2

(D) C6H5NH3


The positive charge on the anilinium nitrogen cannot be delocalized into the benzene ring through resonance. Thus, no resonant structures are allowed in C6H5NH3.

UPSEE Chemistry 2018 Solution

Hence, the correct option is (D).

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Most reactive alcohol towards esterification is

(A) Primary alcohol

(B) Secondary alcohol

(C) Tertiary alcohol

(D) All are same reactive


The order of reactivity for O & H of an alcohol cleavage is goes down from primary to tertiary alcohol (as stability of alcoxide ions is lower in tertiary alcohol). Therefore, tertiary alcohols will be the least reactive towards this reaction, hence the order of increasing reactivity will be

Tertiary <  Secondary < Primary alcohol.

Hence, the correct option is (A).


The Markonvikov's rule is best applicable to the reaction

(A) C2H4 + HCl

(B) C3H6 + Br2

(C) C3H6 + HBr

(D) C3H8 + Cl2


Markovnikoc’s rule states that when a protonic acid (HX, where X can be any group with a higher electronegativity than hydrogen) is added to an asymmetric alkene (The groups on the two sides of the double bond are not the same), the hyfrogen atom is added to the carbon with the greatest number of hydrogen atoms while the X is added to the carbon with the least number of hydrogen atoms.

For example


Hence, the correct option is (C).

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The reactivity of the transition element usually decreases from Sc to Cu because of

(A) Lanthanide contraction

(B) Continuous increase in ionization enthalpy

(C) Continuous decrease in ionization enthalpy

(D) Increase in no. of oxidation states


In moving from Sc to Cu, the ionization enthalpy increases continuously. Also, the reactivity of an element depends on the value of ionization enthalpy. Only increasing the ionization enthalpy, the reactivity decreases. Therefore, the reactivity degreases as we move from Sc to Cu.

Hence, the correct option is (B).





To download the complete paper, click on the following link:

UPSEE Chemistry Solved Question Paper 2018

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