The Vijayanagar Empire: Sangama Dynasty

The dynasty was the first to rule over Vijayanagar Empire.
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The dynasty was the first to rule over Vijayanagar. The list and a short description of the kings of the Sangama dynasty are as following:

Harihara I (1336-1356 AD)

He along with Bukka I was the founder of the Vijayanagra kingdom.  He was also known as Vira Harihara I and Hakka.  He ruled from 1336 AD to 1356 AD.

Bukka I (1356 AD- 1377 AD)

He sat on the throne after Harihara I and ruled for about 20 years. He expanded the empire by defeating the Shambuvaraya kingdom of Arcot and the Reddis of Kondavidu by 1360. He defeated the Sultan of Madurai and extended the territory into the south all the way to Rameswaram.
During Bukka’s reign, the capital of the empire was established at Vijayanagara which was more secure than the previous capital Anegondi.

Harihara Raya II (1377-1404 AD)

Bukka was succeeded by Harihara Raya II. The later continued the policy of expansion and controlled such ports as Chaul, Goa and Dabhol. He conquered the Srisailam and Addanki areas from the Reddis of Kondavidu. He took the titles Vedamarga Pravartaka and Vaidikamarga Sthapanacharya.

Virupaksha Raya (1404-1405 AD)

He could rule for one year only and was murdered by his sons and was succeeded by Bukka Raya II who in turn was succeeded by Deva Raya I.

Deva Raya I (1406-1422 AD)

He was always engaged in battles against the Bahmani Sultan of Gulbarga, Reddis of Kondavidu and Velamas of Telangana. He was able to retain the large amount of territories he controlled.

Vira Vijaya Bukka Raya (1422-1424 AD)

Deva Raya was succeeded by Ramchandra Raya in 1422 AD who could rule only for a brief time. He was succeeded by Vira Vijaya Bukka Raya who in turn was succeeded by Deva Raya II.

Deva Raya II (1424-1446 AD)

He was a successful king. He thwarted the attacks of Ahmad Shah I of the Bahamanis, conquered Kondavidu in 1432 and also defeated the Gajapati of Orissa. He also invaded Lanka and collected rich tributes from the region.  He managed to collect tributes from the ruler of Calicut.

Praudha Raya (1485 AD)

Deva Raya II was succeeded by Mallikarjuna Raya, Virupaksha Raya II and Praudha Raya who were weak kings. The last king of Sangama dynasty was Praudha Raya who was driven out of the capital by his able commander Saluva Narasimha Deva Raya in 1485 AD.

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