Scholarly Search Engines every college student should know

Researching is very important when writing articles but it also important the information be sourced from reliable sources hence mentioned in the article are some Scholarly Search Engines every college student should know about.

Created On: Aug 12, 2020 18:08 IST
Scholarly Search Engines every college student should know
Scholarly Search Engines every college student should know

Researching is one of the most important aspects when it comes to writing academic papers or project reports for college students. For a well-researched paper impresses not just professors but also goes a long way in helping one make a name for themselves in the life after college. Which makes it imperative that your work is relevant and contain credible information. Not to mention that in this age of the internet the problem is not the availability of information as there is a plethora of it available online but, the credibility of that information and its source websites. In such a scenario, when the clouds of uncertainty surround one it's quite a challenge to separate the relevant sources of information from the non-relevant ones. But worry, not for we have a solution for your problem. Here, in this article, we have discussed some scholarly search engines that are reliable, reputable and free to use. 

Google Scholar   

Google Scholar is a free website by Google for college students to look for academic research and scholarly literature on the web. It ranks the documents by taking into account the full-text, details of the documents publishing, author's name and how often it has been cited in other scholarly works. Also, the information listed here is mostly peer-reviewed. Google Scholar makes it quite easy for students to find papers, theses, books, abstracts, citations and other scholarly research literature.


ResearchGate is quite a unique social networking website in the sense that it is a place where one can easily connect with scientists and researchers from across the globe. Although ResearchGate is not exactly a search engine as the information listed here is not sourced from any external source but from their own collection of publications. And with almost over 11 million researchers submitting their work here, there are more than 100 million publications available for users to access at this platform. What's more is that you get access not just to these publications but you can also ask questions to the researchers and scientists on this platform. Culture, environmental issues, politics, health, science, space etc. you'll information on a plethora of topics here.

Public Library of India

The public library of India is a great source of research works and other academic articles for the Indian students. Although they have no official affiliation with the Digital library of India but most of the collection is sourced from them. It can basically be termed as a digital library which provides free access to resources to researchers, historians, scholars and even the general public.   

Google Books

Google Books allows for the users to browse through the index of thousands of books. One can even search for pages that contain the search phrase. Once you locate the relevant book you can go through the pages and even look for places where you can get a hard copy.

Council of Scientific and Industrial Research

The e-resources section on the website of the council of scientific and industrial research, India has quite a collection of academic research works for students and researchers alike. They source their collection from some of the most popular and reliable information websites such as the Oxford University Press, The Royal Society of Chemistry and many others.  


iSeek is a great search engine for students, teachers and even administrators. It's a free search engine that allows one access to hundreds of thousands of editor-reviewed scholarly research material from universities, government and established non-commercial sources. Also, the numerous filters available make it quite easy to target and refine your search results based on topic, subject, resource type, place or author.

Microsoft Academic (MA)

Microsoft Academic is a search engine made available by Microsoft Corporation and allows fast access to varied academic publications ranging from scientific papers to conferences, journals and many others. Also, it's a schematic based and not a keyword-based search engine meaning that uses natural language processing to index information and delivers results based on your search topic. MA 2.0 which debuted in July 2017 allows the users a more personalized and improved search experience. You can search based a topic and even different fields of study within it. For example, if you are interested in computer intelligence then you can filter through topics such as artificial intelligence, computer security, data programming and many more.

Lexis Web

Lexis Web is the perfect go to site for law students or for anyone looking to solve their law-related queries. The results shown on the website are all sourced from validated legal sites. The users can also narrow down their searches based on various filters such as that of jurisdiction, practice area, source and even file formats. Also, there is an option for filter the data by site type such as that of the blog, news, government, commercial.  


Given its minimalist design, one might think that there won't be much to look for here, but appearances as we often have heard can be quite deceptive. Refseek is a search engine designed especially for students and researchers. It's quite similar to that of Google in its functionality, the only difference being Refseek focus more on scientific and academic based results. Meaning that it searches for information mostly from online encyclopedias, documents, journals, books, newspapers etc from .edu or .org sites.

Hope these above mentioned websites will come in handy and aide you in your research for the next scholarly article or research paper that you'd be required to write. Liked this article? Please do share it with your friends and peers. For more such articles please visit, Alternatively, you can also get them directly in your inbox by submitting your email-id in the box below.

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