SSC English preparation Tips and Strategies: Spelling Test

However, if you are not a regular reader of English, then still you can master in Spelling test with the following strategies and tips. Let us go through them one by one-

ssc english prep tips
ssc english prep tips

A spelling test is an assessment of a student’s ability to spell the words correctly, as these are listed in dictionary. Spelling test is generally included in most of the competitive exams. Spellings and vocabulary can be interchanged mutually as both can be prepared at the same time. Good vocabulary indicates a person’s ability to spell the words correctly. There are 1-2 questions out of this section, which are asked in various SSC exams. It does not require much practice and efforts from you. However, it cannot be prepared instantly or in a shorter period. Spelling test is designed and inducted in SSC exams to test your English language skills. A good reader of English books or literature can crack this test in a few seconds.

However, if you are not a regular reader of English, then still you can master in it with the following strategies and tips. Let us go through them one by one-

SSC English preparation tips: Spelling test

It can be a challenge for some students. The keys of preparation for this section, is memorization and practice. This section is important not only in examinations but also in daily life. Despite the challenges that spelling test can present, there are a few methods that can be used to study your word lists, master the correct spellings and ace the test.

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Observe tough words

It is obvious that you will not face problem in spellings of simple and most obvious words. Hence, observe and obtain the tough words. Take a few moments and look them up. Mis-spelt words usually came from spelling the words wrongly. If you call out any word wrongly, you will obviously write it wrongly. So, It is important that you practice spelling your words with the correct spellings. This will assist you remember how to spell the word right way. Now, you can assume that you have passed the spelling test.


After preparing the word’s list, it is important how you will remember them. The most effective and usually exercised method in memorizing is reverse chaining. In this process, you can learn words in the following ways.

  • Write down the word you want to learn
  • Start eliminating one letter at last of the word and recall it every time
  • Whenever you will reach at the very first single letter, start filling the eliminated letters. Recall the word each time as you add the letter in it
  • You can create other remembered word or can co-relate the other words as well

This method can enable you to remember, recall, and write the toughest word.

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It is the easiest way for preparing the spelling test. If you are not utilizing the words, which are important from the spelling test perspective, then you may get forgetting them how to spell them. By regularly using, studying and recalling the words, you can make words correctly spelt.

  • Practice these  words at least once a day
  • Use the practice test’s words in other words. So that, you will remain familiar with these words
  • Practice all the words thoroughly. Avoid cramming before the spelling test

Avoid too much words

Although you may have a larger list of words that you have planned to study earlier. Overdoing can cause problems. It is much easier for you to study a smaller section of the word list and retain the information instead of studying all the words at once. Hence, It is recommended that if you have a larger number of words to study, break them down into smaller groups to make them simpler to remember and manage.

SSC English Preparation Tips: Spotting Errors


It is a necessary step in the process. If you feel that you have done some good practice and get familiar at spelling the words. Take some time for reviewing. It can be a good idea. Reviewing the words after practice and study can help how you actually remember the spelling. Reviewing words can be an extra effort in practice and will help you to do your best in this test.

In the above article, we have figured out all the minor tricks related to spelling test. You should adopt this technique for practice. For more information, keep on visiting our SSC section.

All the best!!

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