Can you Find the Hidden Snake in the Bushes in this Optical Illusion within 11 Seconds?

There is a dangerous animal hiding in this optical illusion and you need to find it in 11 seconds before it can escape. Test your observation skills with this mind-boggling optical illusion challenge.
Hidden Snake Optical Illusion
Hidden Snake Optical Illusion

Hidden Snake Optical Illusion: The magnificence of optical illusions is that optical illusions are known to play tricks with our eyes and brains. They make us believe that what we see is reality, which isn’t. 

Optical illusions are mind-twisting images that help assess the levels of perception of the human brain. There are various kinds of optical illusions which are cognitive, psychological and physical.

Apart from that, optical illusions also help scientists understand the way our brain functions when interacting with a particular image.

Are you ready to experience the magic of optical illusions with a challenge?

Then let’s dive in.

Optical Illusion - Find Snake Hiding in the Bushes in 11 Seconds

Take a look at the image below


Image Credit: TIKTOK/@MNDIAYE_9


You can see from the image that it is a bright day with the sun shining high. The temperature is soaring as it’s summertime.


Feeling the heat is a snake who is looking to get some shade by hiding in the bushes.


You need to spot the hidden snake within 11 seconds before it escapes and moves to another bush.


Look carefully and you will be able to spot the hidden snake.


The clock is ticking.


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You better hurry or the snake will slither into another bush.


Did you spot the hidden snake yet?


Observe the image carefully, this is a test of your observation skills and only the best can spot the hidden snake within the time limit.


Time is nearly over and the snake is looking to escape.


Hurry up.


Let us help you with a hint.


The snake is not on the left side of the bush.


Now, how many of you are able to spot it?


Time’s up.


We believe some of you have already spotted the snake.


Those who couldn’t can scroll below for the solution.


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