Crime in India-2016 Report: 14 facts at a Glance

National Crime Records Bureau's Crime in India -2016 report has been released in November 2017. This report covers 19 cities which have population more than 20 lakh. A total of 41,761 cases were filed against women in the year 2016 out Of which 33% i.e. 13,803 cases were reported in Delhi alone.
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Crime Report India-2016
Crime Report India-2016

National Crime Records Bureau's Crime in India-2016 report has been released. According to this report, in the major 19 cities Delhi records 40% incidents of the all rape incidents in the country. A rape occurs in every 5 minutes in Delhi. There are 30% crimes against women uncured in Delhi alone. In this article, we are presenting 15 facts on the basis of the report of crime in India-2016.
1. There are 2194 murders in the country in which top 3 cities are:
a. Delhi         - 479
b. Bengaluru  - 229
c. Patna       - 195
2. Crime against Women: There are 41761 offenses reported against women in the country in which Delhi and Bangalore are at the top list.
a. Delhi        -13803
b. Bengaluru -5128

voilence against women
3. Case of women abduction: A total 9256 abductions taken place in 19 cities, the most cases are reported from:
a. Delhi         -3364
b. Mumbai     -1142
c. Bengaluru  -674
4. Rape Incidents: There are 4935 cases of rape reported in the country, in which names of Top 3 cities are:
a. Delhi        -1196
b. Mumbai    - 712
c. Bengaluru - 354
5. Sexual exploitation of children: There are 4473 children have been sexually exploited in 19 metros. Most cases are reported from:
a. Delhi         -1374
b. Mumbai      -797
c. Bengaluru   - 351
Child abuse india
6. Domestic Violence: A total of 12218 cases have been registered in 19 metros of the country. Most cases are reported from:
a. Delhi     -3615
b. Mumbai -1311
c. Jaipur    -1008
7. There are 5 cases of rape reported in Delhi every day.
8. Delhi experienced 10% hike in the criminal cases in 2016 as compared to 2015.
9. Kidnapping: In the year 2016, Delhi received 5,453 (48.3%) cases, Mumbai 1,876 (16.6%) and Bengaluru reported 879 (7.8%) cases of kidnapping in the country.
10. In Delhi, 40 percent cases of crime are of rape.
11. As per the definition of crime given by the Indian Penal Code, criminal cases were highest in Uttar Pradesh (9.5%) whereas with 8.9% cases Madhya Pradesh was at second spot and Maharashtra reported 8.8% cases.
12. In the report of Crime in India-2016, only those 19 cities are covered which have population of more than 20 million.
13. According to the Crime in India-2016 report, with 38.8 per cent share in the crimes committed in cities across the country, Delhi is at the top of the list. Following this, Bangalore is ranked second with 8.9% crime and Mumbai is at third spot, where 7.7% of the country's criminal cases have been registered.
14. Criminal activities have increased across the country by 2.6% in 2016 as compared to 2015.
After seeing the Crime in India-2016 report, it seems that literate and civilized people have more involvement in the criminal activities. Metro cities like Delhi, Mumbai and Bengaluru are the example of the same. National capital Delhi registered 38% criminal cases of the country which is followed by the India's Silicon Valley i.e. Bangalore and Mumbai.

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