GK Questions and Answers on Genetics

Genetics is the science that deals with the transmission of characteristic features from one generation to another. Under Genetics, Genes and hereditary characters are studied. Scientists those who studied genetics are called geneticist. In this quiz, we will discuss genetics, its laws and some terms related to it in the form of questions and answers which will help in the preparation of various competitive examinations.  
Nov 15, 2019 15:10 IST
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GK Quiz on Genetics
GK Quiz on Genetics

Genetics is the study of how living things pass traits or characteristics from one generation to another. Transmission and origin of specific inherited traits like colour of eyes, colour and texture of hair, height, hereditary diseases, etc. comes under genetics. It helps in various fields like agriculture, hereditary diseases, medicines, etc. 

1. The process of transfer of hereditary character from one generation to another is known as...........?
A. Genes
B. Mutation
C. Variation
D. Genetics
Ans. D
2. Who is known as father of genetics?
A. Gregor Mendel
B. Augustinian friar
C. Norman Borlaug
D. M.S Swaminathan
Ans. A
3. Who coined the term Mutation?

A. James Watson
B. Herman Joseph Muller
C. Hugo de Vries
D. None of the above
Ans. C
4. Which term of genetics represents the potential ability of a plant cell to grow into a complete plant?

A. Pluripotency
B. Totipotency
C. Cloning
D. Variation
Ans. A
5. Name the chromosome found in the cells which are responsible for characters other than sex chromosomes?

A. Autosomes
B. Genome
C. Mitochondrial chromosome
D. Y chromosome
Ans. A

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6. What do you mean by law of dominance?

A. When offspring shows the characters of generation.
B. When Offspring of cross breed parent only show dominant characters in F1 generation.
C. When offspring of cross breed parent only show dominant characters in F2 generation.
D. In F2 generation both the character which is governed by gene are separated.
Ans. B
7. A sudden change in the gene which is heritable from one generation to other is known as?

A. Variation
B. Cloning
C. Totipotency
D. Mutation
Ans. D
8. Which plant Gregor Mendel had cross breed for his experiment?

A. Onion plant
B. Carrot plant
C. Pea plant
D. Lily plant
Ans. C
9. Which of the following process is an exception of Mendel Law?

A. Mutation
B. Variation
C. Cloning
D. Linkage
Ans. D

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