How To Check If Your PAN Card Has Been Misused?

In the article below know how to check if your PAN card details are safe and have not been misused? Know about various ways to keep your PAN Card and other details safe from fraudsters.
PAN Card Misuse In India: How to Check?
PAN Card Misuse In India: How to Check?

Bollywood Actor Rajkumar Rao is the most recent victim of financial fraud. His PAN card was wrongly used, or, we can say, his PAN card information reached into the wrong hands which is why it was misused. As per the information, his name was used in taking a loan from a known bank using a mere PAN Card. Do you know how to check if your PAN card information has been misused somewhere or is in the wrong hands? Would you prefer to be careful or would you want to be in the situation Rao is in now? Here is a guide to handling your PAN information carefully and being alert if someone has your information. Know how to check whether your PAN information has been used or not?

Check a tweet made by Rajkumar Rao in this regard. 

Incidents of Fraud Due To Misuse of PAN Card:

There have been many incidents where there has been PAN card usage has been done and loans have been passed on that information creating a rough CIBIL score for the actual person who has been faked. In such cases, the PAN information is used and the victim is not even asked for his consent on the issue of a loan. After this, when the loan stays unpaid, the CIBIL score of the victim is affected. Later in the article, you would know about the importance of the CIBIL score as well.

How To Check If Your PAN Card Details Are Safe?

One can check his CIBIL score from the website of any fintech firm like Paytm or Policy Bazaar even for instance. If you are not computer savvy, you may reach out to your nearest bank and inquire about your CIBIL Score to know if your score is good or not. In case, there would be a bad loan in your name, the score would be a justification itself. The banker would also inform you in this case that a loan is in your name, which has not been repaid. You may get all the information from there. 

If your information is (wrongly) shared with any financial institution or when an individual borrows your information (to wrongly use it), the credit bureaus update it in their systems. The updation of your details whether used or not is done by these firms on a regular basis. You can check with the institutions like CIBIL, Equifax, Experian etc to know if your scores are fine. In a negative case, you should be sure of misuse and must contact your respective bank account immediately.

Check here how CIBIL has taken Rajkumar Rao's information seriously and saved him from fraud.

How To Keep Your PAN Card Information Safe?

You must never share your PAN information with anyone. This means No One! Remember, the income tax department's way of connecting with you. Apart from this, one must write the purpose of the photocopy if being issued to someone. This should be even followed when sharing the details of the Aadhar card as well. You must always mention the purpose of sharing on the photocopy or the printout. Suppose if you need to share your PAN details on buying land, you must write on the photocopy -" Shared for land buying purpose only". 

This would make your document safe and your signature even safer. Such precautions if taken can prove to be a lifesaver for people. One must always remember that misuse of information is only due to negligence and ignorance of the owner. We hope the information shared above would help you keep your PAN Card details safe and avoid any misuse in future. 


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Can financial fraud be done through a PAN card?

Yes, the PAN card of any person can be the reason for financial fraud. You can check this article above to know the details.

Can I share my PAN information while shopping?

Yes, but you must mention the purpose for which your information was shared on the document while sharing the information.

What to do if someone has misused my PAN card?

When someone misuses your PAN Card immediately report to the income tax department and your bank to avoid any withdrawal or loan in your name.

Was Rajkumar Rao frauded?

Yes, actor Rajkumar Rao faced financial fraud as someone faked his PAN card ID and took a loan in his name for himself.
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