Hurry! Spot the wolf before the sheep attack you in this optical illusion image!

Sheep races can be scary, but what's even scary is the presence of a wolf in their gang. Spot the hidden wolf in this picture in 10 seconds.
Find the hidden wolf!
Find the hidden wolf!

Have you ever seen a sheep race? That's definitely a dangerous sport to look at. The fat sheep, all in rage, run as fast as they can, to hit the finish line.



Almost all sports involving animals can be dangerous ones. 



Have a look at a cat race. You'll find all cats cute, but some of them may turn wild as well. 




A dog race can be too risky. Don't get deceived by the meek faces. Even the most innocent-looking ones can show you their rage.




And oh, you distract them and your life is in danger.



Similar or even worse is the case with a sheep race. All sheep are equally aggressive, eager to crumble anyone that comes their way just to touch the finish line.




Are you always insecure about your excess weight, and thus you don't participate in physical activities thinking that you would lose?




Look at a sheep fight or a sheep race. They do not let their heavyweight come in the way of their sport.




Anyway,  let's get back to today's illusion test.



Have a glance at the picture below. 

Image Source: The Quiz Central (YouTube)



Are you frightened by the picture? Well, we definitely are!




Which animal is this?



Are they bulls? 



Or are they some category of sheep?



Well, we admit that we don't know which animal this is. Whatever they are, they definitely appear scary. 





Let's call them sheep for now.



As per our sources, there is a hidden wolf in this picture as well, which makes it even scarier.


Can you find the hidden wolf in just 10 seconds?



Why 10 seconds? Well, you can't afford to take more than 10 seconds; the sheep might attack you.

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The rules



The rules are pretty straightforward.  Neither we nor the sheep can keep a track of time for you, so you have to be honest here. Set a timer for 10 seconds on your phone. Hit the start button as soon as you are ready.

Here's the picture presented again for you. We are scared already!

Image Source: The Quiz Central (YouTube)

Could you find the hidden wolf?




Here it is! Don't touch it; it might bite you!


Image Source: The Quiz Central (YouTube)

Well, congratulations! You are alive. However, why do we feel the sheep didn't like us clicking their pictures? While we are preparing to run, stay tuned for more such optical illusions.

If you manage to find the hidden cat in this optical illusion image, we'll consider you a genius!

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