If you manage to find the hidden cat in this optical illusion image, we'll consider you a genius!

Are you a genius? Can you spot the hidden cat within 10 seconds?
Find the hidden cat!
Find the hidden cat!

Hello readers,


Here is a quick question for you!

"How would you define a genius?"

Would you call him someone with an excellent academic record or good grades?


Well, that may be a parameter for hard work, but Einstein wasn't good at school.


Do you call someone a genius who poses out-of-the-box questions, or has all the answers? But it is popularly believed that if one has all the answers, that person may be sitting in the wrong room.




Well, there might be many parameters to define a genius, but one quality that is found in almost all of them is their ability to look for finer details.




Are you one of them?




Here is your chance to prove to be one!




Try to find the hidden cat in just 10 seconds and we'll consider your genius.




The rules


While we cannot come to your home and check, it is you who must act honestly here.




Set the alarm for 10 seconds on your phone. Next, start the timer and look for the hidden cat.




Your time starts now! 



Here's the image!

Image Source: The Quiz Central (YouTube)






Could you find the cat?




Oh, here it is!

Image Source: The Quiz Central (YouTube)

So, were you able to find the cat? Should we call you a genius?


Oh, where has Monica lost her book? Find the hidden book in this optical illusion image!


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