Oh, where has Monica lost her book? Find the hidden book in this optical illusion image!

Monica has lost a book she loved dearly. Help her find her hidden book.
Find the hidden book!
Find the hidden book!

Books are man's best friends.

Your dearest childhood friend may betray you, but your favorite book will never do that.

Books not only educate one but also keep you stuck for a long while.

Folks these days often spend their day glued to their phone, and that is when phones help one to experience a life beyond those light-emitting screens.

What makes books even humbler and more compassionate towards humans is their ability to take them away from their gloomy world to a new life.

Books not only help you enrich your vocabulary but also help you enrich your understanding of life.


Plus, you get a brand new approach with every book you read.


You also meet so many new people through books. Every character, whether good or bad, is a part of you. You connect with the people, and sometimes, start to own up to their characteristic traits temporarily.


What happens when you lose a book you were reading?


You lose moments. You lose the part of you that was once normal, or perhaps, was working ordinarily. After reading half of a book, you are never the same. 



With every book you lose halfway, you get stuck in a journey. Now, your mental or emotional state depends on the pages you have read till now.



In case the story so far was all good and smooth and you lose the book at this moment, you are in anticipation of twists and turns and are eager to reach the destination.

In case the pages you have read so far leave you at an uncomfortable and troublesome turn, and at this point, you lose your book, you are left in a state of deep melancholy. You know there are brighter days ahead, but you can't manage to deal with the discomfort. You make up happy ending stories in your mind, but what if there is no happy ending at all in this story? 


This leaves you in a state of despair, and only the book can solve your worries.


Oh, did we tell you what Monica is going through?

It's so cold out there! Find the hidden bear in this wintry optical illusion.

Monica's sad story


Monica was never fond of reading until she found the kind of romance she was looking for in her life in some 260 pages.


Only in the initial pages, she not only fell in love with the male protagonist but also relate well with the female lead. She thought as if she was reading her own life story as if the writer knew him very well as if God himself had written the story.


She was keen to know how her story would take turns.


Unfortunately, some neighborhood kids made her lose her book.


Can you help her find the book?

Find Monica's book in just 10 seconds.

Image Source: The Quiz Central

Here it is!

Image Source: The Quiz Central

Monica is now merrily reading the rest of the book, perhaps delving into the secrets of her own life.  While she is too occupied with the book, we thank you for your efforts and generosity on her behalf!

Finding a dog in this garden is super tough! An exciting optical illusion for you!

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