Hunger Problem in India:Some Awakening facts

As per the latest census data there is 22% population of India is living Below the Poverty Line. A huge part of Indian population i.e. 190 million people sleep without food daily. This article will tell all the bleak spot of the Indian economy related to hunger situation.
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Hunger problem India
Hunger problem India

As per the Global Hunger Index report 2017 which was released by Washington-based International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI), India has slipped down to 100th rank among 119 countries. Its a worst ever rank of India. India has slipped down 45 rank since 2014.

Surprisingly, India's ranking is worse than Iraq (78th), Bangladesh (88th) and North Korea (93rd).

global hunger index 2017 india rank

There are 50% of the 119 countries have “extremely alarming”, “alarming” and “serious” hunger state. India was placed in a high end “serious” category with a worse score of 31.4.

Per Capita Income of Indian States

Here are the 15 facts related to the Hunger Problem in India:

1. Poverty Ratio in India declined to 21.9 percent in 2011-12 from 37.2 percent measured in 2004-05.

2. 1/6th of the Indian population is undernourished.

3. One in four children in India is malnourished.

malnutrition in india

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4. 33 percent of children are too short as per their age.

5. 190 million people in India go hungry daily.

6. 3000 children in India die daily from poor diet related illness.

7. 30.7% of children in India aged below 5 year are under weight.

8. 24% of death of children aged below 5 globally is in India.

9. 58% of children in India are stunted before they are 2 year old.

10. 30% of Global Neo-Natal deaths are in India.

11. Below Poverty Line (BPL) household spends 70% amount on the food.

12. Above Poverty Line (APL) household spends 50% amount on the food.

13. Urban working class spends 30% of their income on food.

14. Bihar is on the top in terms of highest number of underweight women (45%) followed by the Chhattisgarh (42%) and Jharkhand (42%).

15. Chhattisgarh has highest number of BPL population (39.93%); followed by the Jharkhand (36.96%) and Manipur (36.89%).


image source:India Today image source:India Today

In India currently food grain output is estimated to be around at a record 275.68 million tonnes in 2016-17. It’s very pathetic situation that despite the production on such huge scale; we heard the news of people dying of hunger in our country.

As the report released by the Central Statistical Organistion; the Per Capita Income of India is around 1.03 lac/annum on the current prices. So even after such good Per Capita Income; why India has more hungry people as compare to the other poor countries of the world. This full story tells that we have adequate resources but we don’t have any proper mechanism to distribute these resources among the needy peoples.

How Poverty Line is Determined in the Indian States?

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