The Couple Enjoys A Beautiful Date But Where Is The Champagne Bottle? Find The Bottle Within 10 Seconds In This Optical Illusion Image

Love is in the air with this beautiful couple enjoying their drinks at their favorite bar but where has the champagne bottle gone? Find the champagne bottle within 10 seconds in this optical illusion image.
Find the hidden champagne bottle!
Find the hidden champagne bottle!

After a long day of work and stress, who doesn't want to spend some quality moments with someone special? 


Imagine yourself coming home to your better half, eager to engage in relaxing conversations over a few drinks. You dress up well and hit your favorite bar, then choose your most preferable seats. Next, after a long discussion over the menu, both of you decide to order your favorite champagne along with the delicacies. You pour the drink in two glasses, enjoy it thoroughly with the sweet conversations, and plan to pour some more only to find that the expensive champagne you ordered to make the day special is lost!


This is what happened with the beautiful couple, Henry and Emily, today.


The Story


Hey, did you give birthday greetings to Emily today? Emily turns 30 today, and as much as she hates turning older so quickly, her beloved husband is super excited to make her day special.


He ordered the most expensive presents, gave her flowers in the morning, and prepared breakfast for her. He booked a table for two at her most preferred restaurant and bar and ordered her favorite cheesecake to surprise her.


While the two were enjoying their moments over the meals, Emily exclaimed, "What is a birthday without good champagne?". Embarrassed by his forgetfulness and his wife's blunt remark, Henry immediately rushed to the bar and brought her favorite champagne.


He gently poured the drink for both of them and raised the toast to his beautiful wife's birthday. 


Next, all he could remember was his wife sobbing as if perhaps someone stole their champagne bottle.  


Can you help the couple find their lost champagne bottle?


Emily gets disappointed and angry quite easily, thus, you only have 10 seconds to find the champagne bottle.


The Rules


Set your phone on a timer for just 10 seconds and help Henry find the lost champagne bottle.


Find The Champagne Bottle In Just 10 Seconds


Image Source: Funny Puzz (YouTube)

Could you help poor Henry find the champagne bottle?

Congratulations, dear readers! You saved the couple's day by finding the champagne bottle.

Here Is It:


Image Source: Funny Puzz (YouTube)

Aren't you happy? Emily thanked her husband Henry for the wonderfully planned day. While she still regrets getting older, she is happy she has Henry by her side for the rest of her life. Awww!


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