What is Monkey B Virus and how it affects humans: Complete information here

Monkey B virus has caused the first death in China. Know completely about the virus, its origin, its location and how it affects humans here.
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monkey B virus
monkey B virus

A new virus and death due to it has been reported in China. This time it is the Monkey B Virus that has caused the death of a veterinary doctor in the country. After the COVID 19 pandemic, this is the second category of a new virus that has been the reason for the death of a human. Know all about the virus, the symptoms, the cure here. 

Monkey B Virus: About- 

  1. The virus is an alpha herpes virus that is enzootic in macaques (natural hosts)
  2. It was initially isolated in 1932
  3. The virus can also be transmitted to and kill chimpanzees and capuchin monkeys
  4. It is commonly called herpes B Virus, Monkey B Virus, herpesvirus simiae and herpesvirus B. 
  5. The virus has infected only 50 people till now since it's detection in 1932.
  6. Out of 50 people 21 have been reportedly dead due to the infection. 
  7. There have been no reports of human transmission so far. 

Where is the Monkey B Virus found?

The virus is found in saliva, feces, urine, brain and spinal cord tissues of macaques. It can survive on moist surfaces and for many hours. The risk of common people getting infected by the virus is extremely low and it is only infected in those who are exposed to the monkeys. 

Monkey B Virus: Symptoms

Like Covid 19 or Coronavirus, the initial symptoms of Monkey B Virus are flu like. The symptoms include fever and chills, muscle ache, fatigue and headache. The doctor who suffered from the disease suffered from the symptoms of nausea and vomiting, pain in abdomen a month after being infected. 

In case the disease worsens the virus may cause swelling of the brain or the spinal cord. The neurological and inflammatory symptoms, issues with muscle coordination and brain damage may occur eventually leading to death in case the disease is not attended to. 

Symptoms as per CDC may vary from 1 day to three weeks. 

Monkey B Virus: Cure

Right now, there is non treatment available nor is there any vaccine for humans to be saved from Monkey B Virus.Only timely antivirals can help in reducing risks of losing life. 

As per the doctors if you are bitten by a monkey

  1. Wash the area with soap or iodine while scrubbing it
  2. Run water over the wound for a good amount of time 
  3. Immediately seek medical help. 

The doctor who lost his life in China had dissected two macaque monkeys in the past and after a month had started showing symptoms of fever, vomiting and later they turned into neurological symptoms. The veterinary doctor lost his life on May 27, 2021. 

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What is the vaccine for Monkey B Virus?

There is no vaccine available till now for monkey B virus.

Can monkey B Virus spread through humans?

There has been no case so far of monkey B Virus spreading from humans to humans.

Where is the first death from monkey B virus reported?

The first human death due to monkey B virus has been reported from China where a veterinary doctor lost his life due to it.

Which monkeys can infect humans with B Virus?

The Monkey B virus can be passed into humans through Macaque monkeys
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