8 Inspirational Books by Indian Authors that can change the way you live your life

And this seems to be the common consensus among people, irrespective of their love for books or reading.

8 Inspirational Books by Indian Authors that can change the way you live your life
8 Inspirational Books by Indian Authors that can change the way you live your life

Harry Potter Series Author J.K. Rowling has a famous quote...

“I do believe something very magical can happen when you read a good book”

And this seems to be the common consensus among people, irrespective of their love for books or reading. Reading Books, especially good and inspirational books have a positive impact on one’s psyche as proven by several studies. A book is that silent best friend that offers hope when you need someone to instil the lost spark in you. It lets you live another life and also help you discover the hidden shades of your personality.

Despite this, today picking up a good book or even finding one to read has become a challenge for many. With majority of us having jailed ourselves to the 4-5 inch screen of our mobile phone, the art of picking up a book is evaporating at a fast pace. While many of us choose to mention ‘veracious reader’ in our Twitter Bio or Facebook profiles, not many are really able to translate that into reality despite having the best intentions and putting in the best of the efforts.

If you are also one among these and are looking out for a good inspiration book to reignite your reading spirit, here are few inspirational books that you might find worth reading.

1. The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari – Robin Sharma

Probably one of the most popular books on the list of readers, ‘The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari’ by Robin Sharma is a gem that you cannot afford to miss. Sharma’s literary masterpiece talks about the journey of a man towards self-fulfilment and satisfaction not through monetary means but through introspection and self-discovery. The Book’s introduces us to the protagonist Julian Mantle who is on a journey to become a monk. Did life force him to take this hard decision or is it is spiritual soul seeking adventure that inspired him to follow these footsteps? You will have to read the book to find out!


Inspiration Quotient: This inspiring tale by Robin Sharma throws limelight on the life of a man who explores diverse hues of life and builds acquaintance with his conscience. Building a connection with self is the most amazing miracle that can take you to great heights and then you might not require your Ferrari anymore!  

2. I Have a Dream - Rashmi Bansal

“Dreams are the touchstones of our characters”; this quote completely epitomizes Rashmi Bansal’s page turner ‘I Have a Dream’. This bestseller talks about lives of 20 young entrepreneurs and the challenges faced by them in achieving their dreams. Rather than merely reflecting the dreams and aspirations of Young India, the book also clearly demonstrates the challenges that the millennial generation faces today.  You will get to meet various people who will provide you knowledgeable insights and inputs that are based upon real life situations and challenges faced by you every day.

One of the interesting quotes from the book that can actually inspire you in the real world when heading for the professional life is here:


Inspiration Quotient: The book is filled with many more morals to inspire the budding entrepreneur in you. So, if you have been delaying your entrepreneurial dream for some time, do read this book and see if you are ready to take the plunge ahead.

3. The Five Steps to Success - Yandamoori Veerendranath

Did you ever read the Maslow’s ‘Need Hierarchy’ which states that every man goes through a hierarchy of needs? Only when one level of need is fulfilled he becomes ripe to quench the thirst for the other level of need.

Similarly, the ‘The Five Steps to Success’ by Veerendranath talks about the 5 steps to success and motivates the readers to fight with the chaos in daily course of life. Originally published in Telugu, Yandamoori’s masterpiece emphasises upon victory at personal level as a basis for the rest to be built upon. It is because the power to achieve any milestones in life lies within us.


Inspiration Quotient: If we are determined to climb Mt. Everest, then no means of the avalanches can hold us in chasing our dreams. To become victorious in the outside world, the battle within the self has to be fought and won first.

4. The 4th Idiot - Biswaroop Roy Chowdhury

Inspired by the Bollywood blockbuster hit of Mr Perfectionist Aamir Khan’s ‘3 Idiots’, this book carries forward the core theme of the film i.e. chasing excellence over success. With several exercises, experiments and anecdotes that depict the challenges faced by young one’s in the daily life, ‘The 4th Idiot’ offers pragmatic and practical solutions to them without being too preachy.


While majority of contemporary writing, especially aimed at the young audience is done keeping metros and tier 1 cities in mind, the ‘The 4th Idiot’ breaks this barrier addressing the challenges faced by youth of smaller towns and villages. The main UPS of this book has to be the unique, quirky and relatable style of writing followed by the author Biswaroop Roy Chowdhury.

Inspiration Quotient: The Book inspires young audience to take control of their life by understanding complex everyday problems and finding out their root cause through exercises and experiments. Once you have understood the problem, finding a viable solution for the same becomes amazingly easy.

5. Stay Hungry Stay Foolish – Rashmi Bansal

Meeting twenty-five people at your own convenience can be a tough call but yes this book offers this opportunity to you in an interesting manner. For all the MBA Aspirants this book will act as a bible to get entry into IIMs and understand the dynamics of the career path that was chosen by these alumni’s.

The book offers a perfect categorisation of stories for different personality types i.e. The Believers, The Alternate Vision and The Opportunists. As a reader when you take up this book, you will identify a place for yourself to fit in your dreams in sync with their action plan.     


The quote mentioned above holds great relevance in the contemporary era. There are a lot of break-through technological inventions which come and go. People might accept them or reject the product/service concept. But you always hold a first mover advantage because you are playing in a field where there is no player. 

Inspiration Quotient: Remember that when it comes to chasing inspiration to achieve your dreams, follow your heart and never be complacent with what you have, push yourself farther.

6. You are Born to Blossom – Dr APJ Abdul Kalam

One of the most relevant books in today’s age of ‘Digital India’; this literary gem is a must read for people involved in the Information Technology and Communication Field. The book has a lot in store for people who want to weave the digital threads of India to make Indian progressive with the other nations of the world.

Former President Dr Kalam has talked about various issues and challenges which are in the way of the raising the bar of India’s digital economy at par with the world. The quote mentioned below is a vivid example of his indomitable spirit that is unbeatable and the living example is the growth of digital economy of India in the current scenario.


Inspiration Quote: While being centric to the theme of the digital world, the book still embraces all the bars of impediments and obstacles which come in the way of success of everyone.

7. Tiya: A Parrot's Journey Home – Samarpan

How would you feel if you are asked to leave you home without any intimation and you have no other option but to leave without questioning? This is the core theme of Samarpan’s ‘Tiya: A Parrot's Journey Home’.

Tiya, a parrot and many more similar birds face this challenge in their everyday life when they find it hard to leave their home i.e. tree. But what happens to them after that? Do they stop living or do they still linger on the hope to live a better life. This book opens up on the journey of a bird that experiences the numerous shades of life and teaches us a lot about living life on easy terms. 


The experiences of Tiya are an eye opener for many of us because the bird questions the rationale behind our existence on earth. These questions may remain unanswered but if you introspect, you will get inspired by the voice of your soul.

Inspiration Quotient: Listening to your own conscience is the best reward that you can give to yourself. Because we forget to live for ourselves while serving others and running after a hazy goal in life.

8. The God of Small Things – Arundhati Roy

They say that “Life is not a bed of roses” and even if it is, then remember that even roses have thorns.

The God of small things is an inspiring encounter with two twin sisters who go through a series of unfortunate events in life. Will these events bog them down or make them stronger to evolve as a Lotus in the stale pond?


For those who need a big booster of inspiration, this work of Arundhati Roy is a must read as it will help you boost your self-morale, self-esteem and inspire you embark upon a new beginning. The book will make you realize that need for change and the futility to becoming rigid in life.

Inspiration Quotient: Change is the inevitable truth and acceptance of it is another unavoidable fact. The better to learn the more early you become successful.

To Sum Up...

Inspiration is not a substitute of food or fodder that can fulfil out hunger, but it is a vitamin which when absent in the meal can lead to deficiency disease. We need a constant supply of inspiration but books are the best means that can enrich as well as inspire us in our leisure time to fill the empty blocks of life. We hope that the list of these 8 books will surely electrify the lost inspiration in you to chase you dreams and strengthen your belief in them.

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