Army Training in Top 5 Academies in India

For the benefit of NDA and CDS aspirants, we are providing the details related to training in the Top 5 Army Training Academies in India.

The Indian army is the 2nd largest standing army in the world with over 1.2 million active troops and nearly 1 million reserve troops. Time and again, the Indian Army has proved its mettle in protecting the porous borders of the country. The strength of the Army is largely due to the training that is offered in the training academies located across India.

For the benefit of NDA and CDS aspirants, we are providing the details related to training in the Top 5 Army Training Academies in India.

UPSC NDA CDS Top 5 Army Training Academies in India= 1. National Defence Academy, Pune

• It  is a premier joint training institution and center of excellence for producing junior leaders for the Indian armed forces including the Army.

• The training in NDA entails equipping the cadets with mental, moral and physical attributes that are required to cope with the challenges of the battle field.

• Cadets are given an intensive education in Science, Technology, Arts and Military subjects. At the end of their three-year course, which is split into six terms, a cadet is awarded a Bachelor's Degree from the Jawaharlal Nehru University.

• On successful completion of the three-year course, Army cadets proceed to the Indian Military Academy at Dehradun, Naval cadets to the Indian Naval Academy at Ezhimala and Air Force cadets to the Air Force Academy at Hyderabad.

• After completion of one year of training at their respective academies, they are commissioned as officers into respective services.

• The NDA also trains cadets from friendly foreign countries who take advantage of their training to become military leaders in their own countries.

2. Indian Military Academy, Dehradun

• The Indian Military Academy (IMA) is located in a picturesque location in Uttarakhand. The academy is spread over 1400 acres near the famous Tons Valley in the Himalayas.

• From grueling route-marches to photography, painting, seminars, term-papers, tours and sports, the training in the IMA is an action filled scenario nurturing their mental and physical potential.

• A trainee on admission to the IMA is referred to as a Gentleman Cadet. One reason for this is that the academy expects its graduates to uphold the highest moral and ethical values.

• IMA encourages every cadet to reflect on the greatness of India’s diversity, her secular foundation and to honour the traditions and customs of the Army. In a nutshell, IMA habitat helps him to become a rounded personality.

• The first batch of IMA Cadets is known as The Pioneers. Sam Manekshaw belonged to this batch, who is India’s first army officer to be promoted to the rank of Field Marshal.

• The Pioneers got high reputation due to the fact that it produced future Army Chiefs of three countries, namely, Manekshaw (India), Smith Dun (Burma) and Muhammad Musa (Pakistan).

• So far, 50,000 foreign cadets were trained in the IMA. Some of the countries that have sent cadets to the IMA to get trained are – Afghanistan, Bhutan, Ghana, Malaysia, Nigeria, Uganda and Yemen.

• Notable among the foreign cadets are the third Prime Minister of Malaysia, Tun Hussein Onn and former President of Nigeria Badamasi Babangida.

UPSC NDA CDS Top 5 Army Training Academies in India Interesting Facts= 3. Officers Training Academy, Chennai

• Officers Training Academy (OTA), Chennai is a premier institute of the Indian Army for training men and women into officers for the Short Service Commission into Indian Army.

• The difference between IMA and OTA is that while IMA trains men for Permanent Commission, all men and women for Short Service Commission are trained in Officers Training Academy (OTA).

• OTA excels in providing a real life atmosphere for training. It is well equipped to train officers for Counter Insurgency operations, giving a real jungle lane shooting range and grenade lobbing area.

• Officers for all kinds of job who have been appointed for SSC are trained here, be it administrative jobs, technical jobs or JAG entry etc.

UPSC NDA CDS Top 5 Army Training Academies in India NDA Pune IMA Dehradun=4. Officers Training Academy, Gaya

• Raised in July 2011, the Officers Training Academy (OTA), Gaya is the third pre-commission training (PCT) academy of the Indian Army.

• The aim of the academy is to train Gentlemen Cadets to become part of a professionally competent commissioned officer corps of the Indian Army.

• The academy is located amid an estate of approx. 870 acres in a hilly terrain of Paharpur at Gaya in Bihar.

• The OTA, Gaya has been equipped with state of the art training facilities, at par with other pre-commissioning training institutions.

• The insignia of the Academy has a two-color background, with upper half as grey and the lower half blood-red, having two cross swords superimposed with the Dharmchakra. A scroll below bears the motto of the academy - 'Shaurya, Gyan, Sankalp' in Devnagri.

UPSC NDA CDS Top 5 Army Training Academies in India OTA Chennai Gaya CME Pune= 5. College of Military Engineering, Pune

• The College of Military Engineering (CME) is a premier technical and tactical training institution of the Indian Army Corps of Engineers of the Indian Army.

• The CME is located on the banks of Mula river and is spread over 3,600 acres north of the Pune city.

• It offers B Tech and M Tech degrees in Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering and Communication Engineering.

• Apart from imparting training to Indian army officers and those from friendly countries, the CME plays an advisory role to the Indian Army.

All the above mentioned training academies been an honour for India, giving able officers to the Army. It is indeed a dream of many to join this institute; keep working hard as dreams do come true.

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