New BEE Star Rating 2019: Meaning, Measurement, Types of Labels & More

BEE, BEE Star Label, BEE Star rating, Energy Conservation methods are some of the terms which often come across while purchasing a new electrical appliance. Learn the exact meaning of these terms and how they are useful in energy conservation.

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BEE Star Label Explained
BEE Star Label Explained

You must have seen a label on every electrical appliance when you search for one. Do you know what BEE Star Rating mean? Who decides the rating of these products and what factors are considered for labeling each product. We’ve compiled every detail you should know and consider before buying any electrical appliance.

Whether purchasing an electrical appliance for the first time or upgrading an existing one, various determinants such as cost, size, design, features, color, etc. appear at different positions in our priority list. An important factor that must be understood is how much electricity the appliance will consume once it is purchased. An understanding of how much extra money we may need to pay for an appliance that consumes less energy will prove useful in the long run. 

 What is BEE and its full form?

 New BEE Star Rating 2019: Meaning, Measurement, Types of Labels & More

The full form of BEE is the Bureau of Energy Efficiency. BEE was established by the Government of India on March 1, 2002 under the provision of Energy Conservation Act, 2001. With the world facing major departmental calamities of climate change and global warming, there was a need to regulate the emission of Co2 in the environment. Renewable sources like solar and wind energy are identified as capable climate-friendly energy sources of no Co2, these sources have not reached a stage where they can completely replace our existing electricity generation methods. Hence, the BEE was created with a mission to form policies and develop constructive strategies with an intend of self-regulation and marketing principles to achieve energy efficiency.

What is BEE star rating? 

BEE sets the standards and labels for marking star-rating of various appliances. Star ratings are provided to all the major kinds of appliances in the form of labels. These star ratings are given out of 5 where higher the rating, lower is the energy consumption. The label provides a basic sense of how energy efficient each product is, just at a single glance.

What is the purpose of BEE star rating?

The prime purpose of BEE star rating is to educate and inform the consumers about the energy efficiency of the product they are buying. Usually, the consumer can find a BEE Star Label on heavy electrical home appliances like Air conditioners, Refrigerators and Washing machines, etc. with a number of stars it has got and estimated power consumption of the appliance in a year that it is expected to consume (Power consumption = 1 electrical unit). This also makes the manufacturer responsible for creating energy-efficient products as consumers may eventually prefer better-rated products.

How is BEE star rating decided?

The BEE star rating of a product is decided on factors more than one. Usually, there is a preconceived myth that a star rating is generally based upon the appliance’s power consumption. However, this is not true. BEE sets all the standards and norms which need to be followed while rating an appliance and the manufacturer labels the product accordingly. 

The BEE Star rating Program is updated every year. As technology improves and more and more energy-efficient appliances are introduced in the market, the labels are adjusted accordingly. For eg: The Ministry of Power announced that two more electrical appliances microwave ovens and washing machines will now be assigned star ratings based on their energy efficiency metrics. The program of star rating of Microwave Ovens and Washing Machines will be implemented voluntarily and will be valid up to December 31, 2020.

The Star rating is mandatory for only the following heavy appliances: Frost-free refrigerator, Tubular Fluorescent Lamps, Room Air-Conditioners, Distribution Transformer, Colour TV, CST AC, Direct Cool Refrigerator and Electric Geyser. For other appliances getting the star label is optional. The appliances with the lowest energy consumption in a product category are given the most stars and those with the highest energy consumption are given the least. 

Let's understand with the help of an example. The stars on refrigerators depend not only on the energy used but also on the volume of the refrigerator. A formula using annual energy use, constant multiplier, adjusted storage volume, and constant fixed allowance is used to calculate the star rating for a particular refrigerator. 


Example of 3 Star Refrigerator (Check Here)

Example of 4 Star Refrigerator (Check Here)





292 Ltrs.

292 Ltrs.





Though the price of 4 star refrigerator is higher than that of the 3 star refrigerator for the same capacity, the 4-star refrigerator is more energy efficient, hence it will save you more money on your electricity bill.

There are 2 variants of the star labels given according to the appliance’s usage and consumption.


1. Big Label

The big energy label rating is for appliances that consume more electricity and are used for a longer period. These labels show additional information such as the yearly energy consumption of the product, brand name, product category and much more. This label allows consumers to calculate the cost of using the product.

2. Small Label

Small labels can be found in appliances that usually don’t consume more energy. These labels just give you a visual representation of the energy consumption levels by showing star ratings. This label is for products like ceiling fans, tube-lights, computers, etc.

Why should a buyer look for BEE star rating?

If we have to progress towards maximum energy efficiency and power conservation, as consumers we need to become more responsible. BEE is doing a great job in helping us choose the right products but it finally depends on how responsibly we use them. Another great initiative by BEE is that it constantly notifies people of products that don’t match the specified label rating. Before you purchase an appliance, you can take a look at the website and see if the product is listed there for false labels.



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