You Will Love to Have These 11 Books by Indian Authors on Your Shelf

Reading is one of those hobbies of which you will never get bored of. Even if you are starting as a new in this, then these Indian Authors are worth the try. Check these 11 books by the authors of Indian origin and see how simply and wonderfully they have depicted India in their stories.

Books by Indian Authors
Books by Indian Authors

India is known for its rich culture and it is nowhere better reflected than in the books by Indian Authors. Writers from all over the world have tried to depict the daily life stories of Indians but there is no match the way authors from Indian origin have presented it.

If you want to explore Indian literature a bit more then these authors will for sure bring you much closer. The stories laid by them are simple with which you can easily relate. They are internationally recognized for their work and few of them have been awarded the Booker Prize.

So, explore these 11 books along with their authors and you will be able to see the beauty of language which they have put in their work.

1. Difficult Daughters by Manju Kapur shows the story of family, partition, and love

The novel explores the life of a young woman, her fight for her choice and how all these variations were working at the time of the partition. The simplicity of the story will for sure keep you connected with it.

2. A Train to Pakistan by Khuswant Singh is the must-read showing the raw depiction of partition

Khushwat Singh leaves no stone unturned in showing the reality of events that took place at the time of the partition. This book will surely make you teary revealing the tragedy of 1947.

3. The Lowland by Jhumpa Lahiri presents the journey of two brothers and their evolving ideologies  

The impact of the Naxalite Movement is shown in this work by Jhumpa Lahiri. Taking the stories of two brothers, in which one of them is drawn to the movement forms the crux of the novel. You will for sure will love the depiction of Bengali culture in this work.

4. In Custody by Anita Desai has done a beautiful portrayal of quest and identity her work

If your interest lies in exploring the human relationships and how the identity impacts this idea then this will make a perfect read for you. Anita Desai is known for her refined language and the depiction through which you will definitely connect.

5. The Other Side of Silence by Urvashi Bhutalia explains partition from the side of those marginalized

From all the other books on the partition, this one stands out for depicting it from the lens of the marginalized section. Taking the excerpts from the actual survivors of the Indian partition makes this book a masterpiece.

6. Such a Long Journey by Rohinton Mistry introduces you to the struggle of the Parsi young man and the existing political dilemma

Very well known for being a controversial book, this book has also been a part of the University’s syllabus. Following the story of a Parsi young man, the book depicts the political dilemma of Maharashtra politics and Indira Gandhi's government and explores his struggle and relationships with his family and co-workers. 

 7. Midnight’s Children by Salman Rushdie is about the new journey of India after its Independence

The book explains the hurdles and the experiences of India once it gains its Independence through the lens of children born at midnight. The cultural clashes eventually leading to partition is the core depiction of the book.

8. The God of Small Things by Arundhati Roy wonderfully highlights the issue through the lives of two children

This Booker Prize-winning novel subtly highlights the inbuilt caste system, Christian lifestyle, and impacts of communism in Kerala. Through the lens of 2 children, the novelist has created a world that will surely keep you up all night.

9. The Room on the Roof by all-time favorite Ruskin Bond

The book presents the world of love, friendship and was written by the author when he was seventeen. You will feel connected with Rusty, an Anglo Indian orphaned boy who discovers the world of Indian life, traditions, and festivals after he runs away from his English guardians to lives with his Indian friends.

10. The White Tiger by Aravind Adiga is the story of two worlds existing in India

Aravind Adiga won a Booker prize for his brilliant portrayal of two contradictory lives of Balram who starts working in a tea shop and eventually making his way to success. The stories, events, and ambitions that follow in between of this journey are what makes this book a remarkable one.

11. The Shadow Lines by Amitav Ghosh has the narration of memories across the borders

Amitav Ghosh’s work introduces you to the complex memories, images, and relationships and explains how more of the shadow lines are responsible for dividing the nation and people.

If you are planning on exploring the books and want to start from somewhere then these 11 books will be your perfect choice. Read them and see how you don’t need complex narrations and language for depicting stories successfully.

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