CBSE cautions schools to maintain distance from tobacco firms’ sponsorship

CBSE has cautioned schools to maintain a distance from companies that deals with tobacco business.

Jun 2, 2014 13:02 IST

CBSE has cautioned schools to maintain a distance from companies that deals with tobacco business. This caveat has been sent exclusively because many schools have supposedly implicated tobacco companies, or their contributories, in school events for funding.

Sadhana Parashar, Board director, wrote to schools stating "The school board has noticed that some tobacco endorsing firms are finding some pioneering ways to be implicated with the school children. It is, consequently, strongly recommended that no school of CBSE is allowable to permit its students to partake in the events supported by any firm which encourages the use of tobacco in any form. Students/ schools should not acknowledge any scholarship or prize associated by a tobacco endorsing firm. It is suggested that schools shouldn’t permit any organization using brand name, trademark, emblem, logo or trade badge or any other discrete trait indirectly/directly connected with tobacco products to be allied with students".

While no explicit cases were stated, sources say tobacco companies are implicated with a variety of NGOs that work with schools or have reserves in 'back – to - school' products like pens, bags, books, etc. Such companies enthusiastically sponsor school sports debates or events & whilst the logo of a tobacco product may never be attributed on campus, the group company's name does find a citation. The CBSE is sturdily against this, as it feels even roundabout promotion of brands allied with tobacco marketing is not favorable for kids.

Parashar stated "there are authoritative environmental, social, marketing and advertising factors accountable for kicking off and sustaining tobacco use among the youth. Yet, the Board still deems that this outbreak can be vetoed by a constant multi - pronged movement concerning community at large".

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