CBSE Class 12 History (Term 2) Important 3 Marks Questions! Practice For CBSE 12th History Board Exam 2022

Check important 2 and 3 marks questions in History for Term 2 Class 12 below. The questions would be helpful for students appearing for CBSE Class 12 History Term 2 Board exams 2022. 

CBSE Class 12 History Important Questions
CBSE Class 12 History Important Questions

CBSE Class 10, 12 Term 2 Board Exams would begin on April 26, 2022. All the students of these classes have started their preparations for the exams. The CBSE Term 2 Exams would be conducted offline as informed by the Board as seconded by the Supreme Court. 

The students can check the CBSE Sample Papers released for both classes 10 and 12 on the official website and download them through the link shared below. 

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CBSE Class 12 History: Term 2- Important 3 Marks Questions

As released by the Board in the sample papers one can check that the questions would be of 2 and 3 marks along with long questions of 4 or 5 marks. The students must focus on the 2 and 3 marks questions as they would need to write lesser content, save time and score more through these questions. So without any delay solve these questions below and score more in your Board exams. 

Check| Term 2 CBSE Class 12 History Syllabus 2021-22: CBSE Board Exam 2022

1. Mention the list of people who contributed to making manuscripts in the Mughal Court.

2. Describe the political history of the Great Mughal.

3. Write a note on Badshahnama.

4. Analyse the reasons for the frequent shifting of the capital cities of the Mughals during the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries.

5. How do you think that the chronicles commissioned by the Mughal Emperors are an important source for studying Mughal history?

6. "Mughal rulers efficiently assimilated heterogeneous populace within an imperial edifice". Support the statement.

7. Describe how the 'Humayun Nama' of Gulbadan Begum gives us glimpses of the Mughal Imperial household.

8. Describe briefly how the emperor began his day on the balcony and at Diwan-i am.

9. How did the quest for religious knowledge lead emperor Akbar towards a self-conceived eclectic form of divine worship? Discuss.

10. Examine the life in Harem or the domestic world of the Mughals. 

11. How do you think that Qandahar remained a bone of contention between the Mughals and the Safavid? Explain.

12. “The granting of titles to the men of merit was an important aspect of Mughal polity”. Explain.

13. Explain reasons for the failure of the Permanent Settlement of the land revenue introduced by the British in Bengal.

14. Who was a Jotedar and why was he more powerful than Zamindar?

15. Who were Santhals? Why did they revolt against the British?

16. Give the account of Buchanan in detail. Why did East India Company appoint him as a surveyor?

17. How did zamindars of Bengal succeed to save their zamindaris during the auction?

18. Examine the main aspects of the fifth report which was submitted to the British Parliament in 1813.

19. Why did the mutinous sepoys in many places turn to erstwhile rulers to provide leadership to the revolt?

20. Discuss the evidence that indicated planning and coordination on the part of rebels.

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