CBSE Class 12 NCC Syllabus 2021-22: CBSE Academic Session 2021-22

Check CBSE Class 12 NCC Syllabus for academic session 2021-22.

Created On: May 31, 2021 15:17 IST
CBSE 2021-2022
CBSE 2021-2022

Check CBSE Class 12 NCC Syllabus for academic session 2021-22. It is important for the preparation of the upcoming CBSE Class 12 Board Exam of NCC subjects. Students can download CBSE Class 12 NCC Syllabus with the help of download link given at the end of this article.

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CBSE Class 12 NCC Syllabus 2021-22:  

Common Subjects 

Unit-1 : National Integration and Awareness

Aim: To inculcate sense of patriotism, secular values and motivate cadets to contribute towards nation building through national unity and social cohesion

Scope: The concepts of national interests, objectives and integration, unity in diversity and cultural heritage of


•    National Interests, Objectives, Threats and Opportunities

•    Problems/ Challenges of National Integration

Unit-2 : Drill

Aim: To inculcate a sense of discipline, improve bearing, smartness, ant turnout and to develop the quality of immediate and implicit obedience of orders

Scope: All important basic aspects of drill including ceremonial drill, drill with arms and words of command


Drill with Arms

•    Getting on parade with rifle and dressing at the order

•    Dismissing and falling out

•    Gun salute, Salami Shastra

•    Squad drill

•    Short/long trail from the order and vice-versa

•    Examine arms 

Ceremonial Drill

•    Guard Mounting

Unit-3 : Weapon Training

Aim: To give elementary knowledge about rifles

Scope: Basic knowledge about rifle and firing

•    The lying position, holding and aiming

•    Trigger operation and firing a shot

•    Range precautions and safety precautions

•    Theory of group and snap shooting

Unit-4 : Personality Development and Leadership

Aim: To develop an all-round dynamic personality with adequate leadership traits to deal/ contribute

effectively in all walks of life

Scope: Basic subjects of leadership with emphasis on self-awareness, life/soft skills, time management and character building

•    Self-Awareness-know yourself/ insight

•    Interpersonal relationship and communication

•    Communication skills: group discussions/ lectures

•    Time management

•    Interview Skills

•    Sociability: Social Skills

Unit-5 : Disaster Management

Aim: To train Cadets to assist Civil administration in performance of selective duties during disasters

Scope: Basic information about civil defense organization and its duties, maintenance of essential services and providing assistance to civil administration in various types of emergencies during national disasters

•    Fire Service and Fire Fighting


•    Assistance during natural/ other calamities: Flood/ cyclone/ earthquake/ accident etc.

Unit-6 : Social Awareness Community Development

Aim: To teach cadets the values and skills involved in providing voluntary Social Service

Scope: Understanding of social service and its needs, knowledge about the weaker sections of our society and

their requirements, about NGOs and contribution of youth towards social welfare

•    NGOs – Role and contribution

•    Drug abuse and trafficking

•    Corruption

•    Social evils viz. dowry/ female feticide/ child abuse and trafficking etc.

Unit-7: Health and Hygiene

Aim: To instill respect and responsibility towards personal health and hygiene

Scope: Basic information about maintenance of health and hygiene, sanitation, disease and an elementary knowledge of First Aid and Nursing

•    Hygiene and sanitation (Personal and Food Hygiene)

•    Basics of first aid in common medical emergencies

•    Wounds and fractures

Unit-8 : Adventure Training and Obstacle Training

Aim: To inculcate a sense of adventure and develop confidence, courage and determination

Scope: To expose cadets to various adventure activities

•    Parasailing

Unit-9 : Environment Awareness and Conservation

Aim: To sensitize the cadets on natural resource conservation and protection of environment

Scope: Basic understanding of environment in general and waste management in particular, energy

conservation, pollution control and wildlife conservation in particular

•    Waste management

•    Pollution control water, air, noise, soil

Specialized Subject (Army) 

Unit-1 :Armed Forces Aim:To acquaint cadets with the Armed Forces Scope:IntroductoryandgeneralinformationabouttheArmedForces

•    Modes Of Entry Into Army

•    Honours and awards

Unit-2 : Map Reading

Aim: To teach cadets elementary map reading

Scope: Basic understanding of map sheets and map reading instruments and development of capability to use them to carry out simple map reading

•  Cardinal points and types of North

•  Types of bearings and use of service protractor

•  Setting a map, finding North and own position

Unit-3 : Field Craft and Battle Craft

Aim: To teach cadets elementary field craft and battle craft

Scope: Basic field craft and battle craft

•    Judging distance observation, camouflage and concealment

•  Field signals

Unit-4 : Introduction to Infantry Weapons and Equipment

Aim: To introduce cadets to infantry weapon

Scope: Introduction to characteristics and capabilities of infantry weapons


•    Characteristics of 5.56 INSAS rifle, ammunition, firepower, stripping, assembling and cleaning

•    Organization of infantry battalion

Unit-5 : Military History

Aim: To provide knowledge of renowned Military Generals, PVCs and Indo-Pak Wars

Scope: Introduction to biographies, famous Indian battles and gallantry awards

•    Indian Army War Heroes

•    Study of Indo Pak wars of 1965, 1971 and Kargil 

Unit-6 : Communication

Aim: To introduce cadets to latest trends in the field of communications

Scope: Types of communications and future trends

•    Characteristics of walkie–talkie 

Specialized Subject (Navy) 

Unit-1 :  Naval Orientation and Service Subjects

Aim: To impart basic knowledge about Navy

Scope: Basic knowledge, history, current organization and role of different branches

•    Organization of Ships and on board organization

•    Naval customs and traditions

•    Modes of entry into the Indian Navy

Unit-2 :  Naval Warfare and its Components

Aim: To impart basic knowledge about Naval Warfare

Scope: Overview of fleet operations to include aviation, submarine operations and missiles

•    Introduction to anti-submarine warfare

Unit-3 : Naval Communication

Aim: To impart basic knowledge about Naval communication

Scope: To impart basic knowledge about naval communication organization, semaphore and wearing of flags

•    Introduction to Semaphore

•   Phonetic Alphabets

Unit-4 : Navigation

Aim: To impart basic knowledge about navigation

Scope: Basic navigation tactics and methods and equipment used for navigation

•    Navigation of ships–basic requirements

•    Types of compass–gyro and magnetic, types of North

•    Simple chart work

•    Brief characteristics of its tides and its effects on ships

Unit-5 : Seamanship

Aim: To impart basic knowledge about navigation

Scope: Basic navigation tactics and methods

•    Types of anchor, purpose and holding ground

Unit-6 : Boat Work

Aim: To impart basic knowledge about boats and its parts and steering of boats

Scope: Introduction to boats and its parts including steering of boats and boat pulling

•    Demonstrate rigging of a whaler and enterprise boat and parts of a sail

•    Instructions in enterprise class boat including elementary sailing rules

Unit-7 :  Fire Fighting, flooding and damage control

Aim: Introduction to fire-fighting, flooding and damage control

Scope: Impart basic knowledge about fire-fighting, flooding and damage control of a ship

•  Causes of damage, flooding and damage control 

Unit-8 : Ship and boat modeling

Aim: To impart basic knowledge about ship modeling to cadets

Scope: To impart basic knowledge about ship construction and boat modeling.

•    Types of models

•    Ship model competition

•    Care and handling of power tools 

Specialized Subject (Air Force) 

Unit-1 :  General Service Knowledge

Aim: To impart basic knowledge of IAF

Scope: Organization of IAF

•    Organization of Air Force

•    Branches of Air Force

Unit-2 : Air Campaigns

Aim: To introduce Air Campaigns of Air Force

Scope: An overview of important campaigns

•    Indo Pak War 1971

•    OP SafedSagar

Unit-3 :Aircraft Recognition

Aim: To introduce various aircrafts of the Air Force

Scope: Types, roles, variants of aircraft of the IAF

•    Fighters

•    Transports

•    Helicopters

Unit-4 : Principles of Flight

Aim: To introduce principles of flight

Scope: To impart knowledge about basic principles on which aviation is based

•    Bernauli’s theorem and Venturi Effect

•    Aerofoil

•    Forces on an aircraft

Unit-5 : Airmanship

Aim: To introduce the concept of airmanship

Scope: ATC Procedures and basics of aviation medicine

•    ATC/RT Procedure

•    Aviation Medicine

Unit-6 : Navigation

Aim: To give basic knowledge of Air navigation

Scope: Fundamentals of map reading from the air

•    Requirement of navigation

•    Glossary of terms

Unit-7 : Meteorology

Aim: To emphasize the need for knowledge of meteorology in aviation.

Scope: Importance, various phenomena of weather and its effects on aviation

•    Importance of met in aviation

Unit-8: Aero engines



Whole Unit deleted

Unit-9 : Air frames

Whole Unit deleted

Unit-10 : Instruments

Aim: To provide knowledge of aircraft instruments

Scope: Introduction to Radars

Unit-11 : Aero-modeling

Aim: To provide knowledge about aeromodelling Scope: Materials used in different types of models. Building /Flying of aero-models

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