CBSE Class 12th Business Studies Question Paper 2013 Set-3

Find CBSE Board Exam 2013 Class XII Business Studies Question Paper (Set3). This Business Studies Question Paper 2013 will help you to get the information about the questions  and the latest pattern that how questions  are being framed.

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CBSE Class 12th Business Studies Question Paper (Set-3), given here

1. Give the meaning of 'Secondary Market.'

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2. State anyone consequence of a well performed 'allocative function' of financial market.

3. Why is marketing called a social process?

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4. Distinguish between 'Selling Concept' and 'Marketing Concept' of Marketing Management Philosophies on the basis of 'main focus'.

5. Under three-tier machinery where can a legal heir or representative of a deceased consumer file a complaint when the compensation claimed is Rs. 25 Lakhs.

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6. Pragya bought an iron of a reputed brand for Rs. 1,500 but it caused an electric shock while it was being used. Pragya wants to exercise her 'Right'. Identify the 'Right' under which she can be protected.

7. Define "Recruitment".

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8. Why motivation is called a complex process?

9. At which level of management directing

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10. What should be done while 'taking corrective action’ in the process of controlling when especially in the important areas deviations go beyond the acceptable range?

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