Foldable Laptops from Dell, Lenovo & Intel at CES 2020 

Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Fold, Dell Concept Ori, Intel Horse Shoe Bend, the foldable laptops launched in CES 2020. Check their exclusive features, launch date & other exciting features. 

Foldable Laptops Showcased at CES 2020
Foldable Laptops Showcased at CES 2020

Folding Screen Laptops are slowly emerging as a demanded technology among professionals who need the technology to manage large spreadsheets and need better tools for editing photos and videos etc. Some of the major brands showcased their foldable screen laptops in CES 2020. Let’s have a look at these laptops.

1. Dell Concept Ori

The renowned brand Dell unveiled its range of foldable screen and dual-screen laptops in the CES 2020. The Concept Duet is a dual-screen phone which feels more like having two monitors that you can fold-up and carry together. 

The Dell Concept Ori on the other side is a large foldable tablet. The brand’s idea is to make the user experience a full pen-enabled tablet PC that you can draw or write on. The tablet can also be used with a Bluetooth keyboard and mouse. It can also be folded to 90 degrees to use one half as an onscreen keyboard and the rest as a display. 

Dell has just introduced its concept in the CES 2020 and there is no information on the specs and price of these laptops. Although the launch date is expected to be around the end of this year. 

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2. Lenovo Thinkpad X1 Fold

Lenovo calls this new laptop “dynamic and responsive” for a reason. Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Fold, a 13-inch OLED slate that can bend and fold into several different configurations. What you see on the screen can change with how the screen is folded or oriented. 

The 13-inch plastic screen can fold in half widthwise, forming a mini clamshell laptop. An on-screen keyboard pops up on the lower half, offering a decent on-screen typing experience. The X1 Fold runs Windows 10 Pro

Bluetooth Keyboard

A Bluetooth keyboard, sold separately, that works with the X1 Fold. It magnetically latches onto the bottom half of the screen, replacing the onscreen version. When docked with the laptop, it also charges the thin keyboard's built-in battery. 

Lenovo confirmed the launch of X1 folds sometime around the mid-year with an expected price of around Rs. 1,75,000/-.

3. Intel Horseshoe Bend

Intel has introduced this technology to solve the purpose of experiencing a widescreen on a small laptop. The screen measures 17.3 inches diagonally that can also partially fold into a regular clamshell laptop shape.

Its enormous screen sweeps down from the top all the way to where the keyboard would disappear. To type, you can either use a virtual keyboard or attach a physical keyboard that covers the bottom part of the screen. With the keyboard snapped on, it works like a regular laptop with a 12.5-inch screen.

The horseshoe tech-enabled devices are not coming anytime soon in the market for consumer use. As per the Lenovo representative, the laptop would not be launching soon, not in the year 2020 at least. 

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