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IBPS Clerk Question Paper 2017 with Answers: Numerical Ability

Nov 27, 2018 12:06 IST
    IBPS Clerk Question Paper 2017 with Answers: Numerical Ability
    IBPS Clerk Question Paper 2017 with Answers: Numerical Ability

    Get IBPS Clerk 2017 Solved Question Paper of Numerical Ability section (with detailed explanation). It is a memory based question paper prepared by subject experts and based on feedback provided by candidates who took this exam on 2nd and 3rd December 2017. With the help of this paper, candidates can quickly learn about the level of questions which have been asked in previous IBPS Clerk Prelims exam. After going through this paper, candidates will learn some essential short tricks which are often used to attempt questions in the computer-based online test of IBPS Clerk Prelims.

    IBPS Clerk 2017 Question Paper (with Answers): Numerical Ability Section

     Quantitative ability – 2nd Bank Clerk Question Bank



    25. The sum of the ages of A and B is 20 years. If C is as much younger than A as he is older than B, what will be the difference between A and C's age?    
    a) 2 years
    b) 12 years
    c) 1 year
    d) None of these
    e) Cannot be determined

    Answer (d) Explanation: According to the question,
                    C – A = B – C
        B + A = 2C
                    20 = 2C
        C = 10
        Required difference = A – C
        Now, the value of C is 10 but the value of the A is unknown thus, the required difference cannot be found.
        Hence, correct choice is D.

    26. A group of men decided to do a job in 10 days. But since 20 men dropped out every day, the job completed at the end of the 14th day. How many men were there at the beginning?
    a) 240
    b) 345
    c) 455
    d) 560
    e) Can’t determined

    Answer (c) Explanation:
    Let n be the initial number of worker then
    10n = n + (n – 20) + (n – 40) + … + (n – 260)
    10n = 14n – 1820
    4n = 1820
    n = 455 workers

    27. Sales of cars in the year 2001 for company A forms what per cent of total sales of Company A for all the years together? (Rounded off to two decimal points)
    a) 19.64    
    b) 18.30    
    c) 22.46    
    d) 24.19    
    e) None of these

    28. Which of the following combinations of year and percentage rise in sales of cars from the previous year for company A is correct? (Percentage rounded off to two decimal points)
    a) 2000 – 99.85
    b) 2001 – 83.33
    c) 1998 – 43.21
    d) 2003 – 7.68    
    e) None of these

    Answer (b) Explanation:
    The correct combinations should be as follows:
    (i) 2000 – 100%
    (ii) 1998 – 50%
    (iii) 2003 – 10%

    33. A sum of Rs 400 went up to Rs 440 on a simple interest in 5 years. What is the total amount if the rate is raised by 2%?

    a) Rs 412
    b) Rs 425
    c) Rs 480
    d) Rs 625
    e) Rs 600

    34. A person invests Rs 10000 at a simple interest of 8% and another amount at 5% interest simple interest to earn an interest after one year at a rate of 6% of the total amount invested. What is the total amount invested?

    a) Rs. 24000
    b) Rs. 22000
    c) Rs. 23000
    d) Rs. 30000
    e) None of these

    35. The difference between simple and compound interest on a principal amount for two years at a rate of 25% is Rs 1700. What is the principal amount?
    a) Rs 1700
    b) Rs 1600
    c) Rs 1800
    d) Rs 2000
    e) None of these

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