IBPS SO (HR Officer) Interview Preparation 2019: 10 Most Important Questions and Answers

You are already prepared for your professional knowledge paper for the IBPS SO Mains Examination. It is the best time to stay ahead of your peers in the race by doing some simple tricks for the last stage of the selection process i.e. interview. The interview will be based on your professional knowledge apart from some situational and personal bio-data based questions. Here, we are bringing you some important questions with answers for IBPS SO HR officer interview 2019.

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IBPS SO (HR Officer) Interview Preparation 2019: 10 Most Important Questions and Answers
IBPS SO (HR Officer) Interview Preparation 2019: 10 Most Important Questions and Answers


The IBPS SO Main Examination is round the corner and all of you must be prepared to face the test on 27th January 2019. As per the pattern, the questions in the Mains Examination will only be based on the professional knowledge paper.

A lot people are aspiring to join a public sector bank after completion of their MBA degrees. IBPS SO HR Officer is an opportunity that will give the aspirants an opportunity to stay in their own area of expertise.

IBPS SO HR Officer will make sure that you get a job with stability and security. This is a unique opportunity for you to change the way the public sector banks functions. As an HR Officer recruited through IBPS SO, you will be in charge of making and implementing HR policies of the bank. The employees will look forward to you for their needs and queries.

IBPS SO HR Officer job profile will also provide you the opportunity to get posting in the regional offices of the banks throughout your life. That means no rural posting throughout your life. Yes, that’s correct. IBPS SO HR Officer gives you the chance to serve in a Public sector bank in the comfort of a metro city or Tier –I or Tier – II city mostly.

Now, let’s see what are the things you will require for the interview stage?

  • Bio-data based questions
  • Situational questions such as what you would do in this situation or that situation.
  • HR based questions (Strictly related to banking domain)

Since you have already prepared HR as your professional knowledge subject, in the last moment, mark the things that you would also require for interview.

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For that, we have compiled the commonly asked questions in the IBPS SO HR Officer Interview so that you can make a mark of these questions while you are going through the last round of revision for IBPS SO HR Mains Examination 2018-19.

1. What do you understand by Job Inventory?

Ans: Job inventory is known as the information related to the skill sets listed in the form of basic information on all the employees like their education, skills, age, sex, salary, specializations, achievements etc. It helps the HR managers to select the right person for the right job in the company so that the human resources are utilized properly.

2. What is Task Inventory?

Ans: Job inventory is defined as all the tasks involved in the performance of any particular role in the company. This helps the HR managers to understand the underlying tasks involved in a role and they can also set specific parameters to review the performance of the employee involved in that particular role.

3. What is Peer Review?

Ans: This is known as the process of review done by your colleagues. It helps in understanding your competency to work in a team environment. It is very much important to work as a team in order to achieve the desired growth.

 In a bank as the HR in-charge, you will be required to make sure that the persons working in your area of operation work together to achieve the desired result.

4. What is motivation and how would you motivate your people in the most effective way?

Ans: Motivation is defined as the reason behind the action or willingness of people to achieve a particular goal. It is very important to motivate your people so that they always give their best. Coming to the best motivating factor, (don’t quote this or that theory in the interview since interviewers want simple yet practical answers that can be implemented in the real life), you need to listen to the issues raised by them so that you can resolve the same.

Be empathetic and listen to their problems. The employees also understand that as an individual, you can’t do much to resolve the bigger issues. But issues such as request transfers, employee benefits etc. can be resolved if you are empathetic towards them.

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5. What do you understand by 360-degree feedback?

Ans: This is a comprehensive process of review of the performance of an employee. In this process, review is taken from the sub-ordinates, peers, supervisors and there is also self-evaluation by the employee to make sure that the overall performance of the employee from the point of view of all the persons involved is considered to reach at the final review.

6. What is Job Enrichment and how can you use it to motivate your team?

Ans: Job Enrichment is a process in which the employee is given additional responsibilities within the given role or the responsibilities of the employee are upgraded. This works as wonders for self-motivated employees.

If the employee is given additional responsibility, it creates the impression that the management has trust in the ability of the employee. The employee then makes sure that he gives his best to the organization and over-achieves the targets.

7.  What is Skill Development?

Ans: Skill development involves two processes – identifying the skill gaps in your profile and improving them. It becomes very important to stay in the industry for a long period of time. If you don’t develop your skills with time, you will become outdated and no organization wants an outdated employee.

8. What are Superannuation Benefits?

Ans: Superannuation benefits are given at the time of the retirement of an employee. It shows that the organization is eager to give back to the employee for the services rendered by him or her. These benefits include the gratuity fund, provident fund etc.

9. Why is training necessary for the employees?

Ans: Training is a method by which it can be ensured that the employees keep on doing their jobs in the most effective manner, taking into account the changes that may take place in the course of time. This is important to re-orient the employees from time to time and also equip them with the updated skill sets to execute their responsibilities.

10. What is Performance Management?

Ans: Performance Management is a system by which it is ensured that the employees can work in the best possible environment to achieve the organizational goals.

In this method, the employees are provided with feedbacks, accountability, and documentation for performance outcomes so that they can channel their energy into target achievement.

There may obviously be many other questions from the HR section. We have given some idea here. The main takeaway is that you have to focus on things that will come in handy while executing your duties as an HR Officer in a bank. The answers will give you the idea i.e. give answers in simple yet effective language. Don’t quote bookish definitions. That knowledge would have been tested already in your mains examination.

Interview is about how much you have understood the basics and how would you apply the theories in practice, when you would be put in charge.

Focus on the preparation for the time being and give your best till the time you see your name in the final list.

All the Best!!

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