Meaning:  Not having enough money to pay for necessities

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Meaning: Not having enough money to pay for necessities

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Bob became impecunious as his salary for one month was not credited in his account.

Pronunciation: im-pi-kyoo-nee-uh s

Usage/Example: 1. In a response, Knowles' lawyer claimed the boasts were only "escapist fantasies of an impecunious young man sitting in a foreign jail. (Source:

2. When confirmed, it will be the fourth title on the bounce for the impecunious racer. (Source: Motor Sport (blog))

3. Fittingly for a restaurant in a college town, Miya's offers fine dining experiences but also looks out for impecunious students and budget-conscious gourmands. (Source: Yale Alumni Magazine)

Synonyms and Antonyms: Impecunious

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