Is global warming a real issue or not

Global warming is one topic that has been hogging the limelight for a long time. It is considered to be a very serious ecological issue since many parts of the world have been witnessing major fluctuations in seasons and there have been instances of both extreme winters and very hot summers.

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Is global warming a real issue or not
Is global warming a real issue or not

Here we try to find out if the phenomenon of global warming is a genuine one or is it blown out of proportion.

Global warming is a real issue: We have witnessed very hot summers and the weather is changing as well. Even many studies and researchers are of the view that global warming is a real concern. Scientists have used data from past many decades supported by the studies to put forward that global warming is slowly harming the earth’s ecology and natural balance.

The level of the sea has risen alarmingly in many places which is attributed to the melting of ice and glaciers. As per the most accurate and reliable study, the average sea level across the globe has risen by about 6.7 inches in the last 100 years. The average temperature of the earth has also been rising continuously as has been regularly measured and monitored for about 150 years now.

The oceans are also getting hotter as the ever increasing number of automobiles and industries are emitting heavy pollutants and greenhouse gases which are getting trapped in the atmosphere. This leads to an increase in the temperature of the atmosphere, and the heat from the atmosphere is absorbed by the oceans. All these data are available in the registered temperature records for the oceans.

The massive glaciers are just melting away and getting smaller in size since the ozone gases that help in sustaining temperature are also falling. The acid level in oceans has gone up making the oceans more acidic. The reason is environmental pollution. This has led to the loss of marine life and disturbed marine ecology.

Global warming is not real: If we really trust scientists and their studies then one branch of scientists insists that global warming is not a real issue. Even though they use the same studies that maintain that global warming is real, but their style and methodology are different. Apart from this, they have conducted different studies of their own.

Their studies suggest that earth’s average temperature has been rather consistent since the mid-1990’s and there is no noteworthy change in the temperature. The studies started very late hence there is no record or data on hand to support the notion of global warming. There has to be a historical record to draw comparisons.

Studies show that the volume of ice in the Arctic region increased by almost 50% since 2012 as shown by core measures of the Arctic ice. This argument is very strongly used against the concept of global warming and that ice caps and glaciers are melting.

Scientists say that the climate model calculations that are being used to foretell the consequences of global warming are not reliable as they are found to be faulty. They also argue that the increase in global temperature could be a natural occurrence.

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