Teenagers should never take diet pills to lose weight

Students suffering from obesity or weight issues tend to take diet pills to lose weight without realising their harmful side effects and also, these diet pills are for short term as when you stop taking pills you start gaining weight. Moreover, these diet pills become an addiction and leaves you with serious damage for lifetime.

Image Source:wlpfreetrials
Image Source:wlpfreetrials

When #hashtags trends go viral, students are the quick followers for these social media trends. One of the major influences on students from social media is, taking diet pills in order to lose weight. Students blindly follow certain trends to change their looks for their presence on social media or even being popular among their school groups. They even go to the extent of taking weight lose pills or supplements without realising the harmful effects of such diet pills. Sure, these supplements are effective initially when the weight loss is quick. Students suffering from weight issues become vulnerable for these diet pills with misleading marketed tactics. Also, to avoid bullying at school and media websites they consume these weight loss pills.

However, the damage done to your body after consuming anti-obesity medicines cannot be reversed. Let us learn here how diet pills or weight loss medicines work on your body

How diet pills work?

Detoxification - Diet pills are marketed as a body detoxification pills which promises to cleanse you body by reducing the excess fluids in body usually termed as ‘toxic fluids’. The reality is that diet pills deprive the body of essential fluids and makes you dehydrated which leads to fatigue and giddiness.

Makes your body full – the diet pills tricks your brain to make you feel full or well fed. This trick reduces your appetite and hence you do not consume food on regular intervals or eating in less quantity than what your body actually requires.

Remove essential nutrients - The diet pills works against our nutrients by removing even the good carbohydrates, fat, water and proteins. Without these nutrients, the human body lacks metabolism and growth and development is affected too.

What are the side effects of diet pills/ weight loss medicines?

The harmful effects of weight loss pills include uneasiness, bloating, stomach cramps, headaches, nausea, dizziness, heart palpitations, high/low blood pressure, blurred eyesight and sleeplessness etc. Read below how the side effects are caused by diet pills? –

  • Digestive system: Diet pills decrease appetite and interfere with gastric juices thereby affecting the digestive system and the stomach.
  • Diarrhoea: The diuretics present in these pills can cause diarrhoea thus draining the body of water and essential salts. The enzymes are not able to work for the bio-chemical reaction and hence, the filtration process becomes out of order.
  • Anxiety: Anxiety, tension, nervousness are a few side effects of taking diet pills.
  • Insomnia: Most weight loss pills contain caffeine which causes sleeplessness by keeping the brain active.
  • Headaches: Diet pills effects our nerves and also dehydrates the body which causes severe headaches, migraine, and other aches in the head region as our brain is deprived of water and fats.

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  • Increased heart rate: Diet pills contain stimulants which increases metabolism rate aimed to speed up calorie burning but this increases the risk of stroke or heart attack.
  • Blood in stool: The laxatives present in the diet pills cause rectal bleeding by affecting the stomach lining and intestinal tract.  
  • High-low blood pressure: The compounds found in diet pills greatly increase or decrease the blood pressure by putting a heavy strain on the heart, arteries, and cardiovascular system.
  • Kidney problem: Kidney is the main organ to filter toxins from the body and balance fluids like blood and water, and when the diet pills interfere which this process, you tend to get sever diseases like kidney stone, failure, UTI, etc.
  • Liver damage: The components that go into the making of diet pills can cause serious damage to the liver which consequently results in overall health impairment.


  1. Do not follow internet trends blindly; these are the marketing tricks to influence your brain in to buying the products.
  2. If you suffer from obesity or overweight issues, then don’t seek any quick weight loss techniques as these methods do more harm than any good to your body
  3. You may get lured by internet sensations and would try to be like them but the bitter reality about internet is that most of the content on internet is modified with image editing tools. In reality, what you see on internet is not genuine or authentic.
  4. Aim for fitness rather than losing your essential nutrients. Eat Healthy and Live Healthy.

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