Life at XLRI: A Place That Many Can Only Dream Of

The campus life at XLRI is one major element many aspirants consider before heading to a premier B-school. They want to know how exactly they are going to spend their next two years. Frankly, the non academic life outside the classrooms is the USP when it comes to student attraction for the institute. Find out how it feels to be an XLer.

Life at XLRI: A Place That Many Can Only Dream Of
Life at XLRI: A Place That Many Can Only Dream Of

Life at XLRI – XLRI also known as Xavier School of Management is one of the top B-Schools in the country.  The institution is known for its high standards of Management education offered along with producing top-performing Management graduates who turn out to become shining gems in the business world as business leaders and entrepreneurs. Admissions to XLRI are conducted based on the marks secured by the students in the XAT entrance examinations. Candidates who qualify for the entrance test will be called for the interview and further admission procedures. 

So, what attracts a future MBA student to join XLRI? Of course, the institutes’ reputation, world-class faculty, and challenging academic atmosphere top the chart, but what else? When it comes to students’ attraction, several factors come into consideration, particularly the non-academic life outside the classrooms. The campus life at XLRI is one major element many aspirants consider before heading to a premier B-school. They want to know how exactly they are going to spend their next two years.

So let us dive right into the everyday life and different phases an XLRI aspirant is going to experience:

Life at XLRI: Settling in

All your years of hard work and sacrifices have resulted in a labor of love- XLRI.  You should pat your back for having made it into the finest B-schools in India. As you set foot in XLRI, you are first welcomed by the serene green campus that is in contrast to the never-ending and rigorous academic life. You may feel like a kid entering school for the first time backed by a tingling sensation in your gut, surrounded by new faces and the seniors who can’t wait to congratulate you on your newfound journey at XLRI. Be prepared to be known as an XLer, now that you are part of the institute. Before entering the XLRI gates you may have heard a lot about the MBA life and life at XLRI, putting you in a fix about how your experience is going to turn out. Until now you had only dreamed to make it into your dream B-school but now it is time to hustle and what better place than the XLRI.

A word of caution- XL never sleeps!

The Never-Ending Roller Coaster Life

Now that you have settled in you are going to need all your energy to keep up with the unsparing academic life at XLRI. Your life is going to turn upside down; you may barely find yourself without a book, a presentation, project or an assignment. Be aware, there is always some surprise test, a meeting to attend, and a project to complete with no sound sleep. Yes, that’s true, XLer does not get the 8-hour sleep like the rest of us they barely manage 2-3 hours. Do not be taken aback, once you breathe in the campus life at XLRI and learn the art of multitasking, the half battle is won.

Being here is to going make you want more, excel to be better than yesterday and to work harder. There is going to be tremendous pressure on the academic front but at the same time, having made it into XLRI will give you the confidence to believe you are up for any challenges hurled at you.

Home Away from Home

Life at XLRI is truly a home away from home experience for those who leave behind their comfort zone and enter XLRI campus. Not in a way that you will be homesick but the XLRI will give you the same comfort in a more vibrant manner. The Bishu da and Dadusdhaba are the two most common places where you are going to meet the XLer’s over a bowl of Maggie. The infrastructure is the talk of the campus; you have your own single room in the hostel. The Wifi-enabled campus will not let you miss anything happening around the globe; one can just sit in any corner of the campus and enjoy virtual company of one’s loved ones with the seamless internet connectivity.

Here at XLRI, life paces at its own tempo where you are going to juggle between seminars and lectures and between sleep-deprived sessions and enthusiastic cultural events. The campus life at XLRI will surely be a home away from home, an experience worth a thousand lives. It is going to challenge you and make you want to question your existence at XLRI.

Welcome to the XL family.

The XL Culture

Apart from the rigorous academic life at XLRI, you will also be a part of the diverse cultural festivals and events. The XLRI is religiously known for its events such as MAXI- the Marketing Association of XLRI, Ensemble- Valhalla and SPIC MACAY among others. Ensemble- Valhalla is an annual festival that signifies the merger of XLRI management fest ‘Ensemble’ and cultural festival cum inter-college sports. The festival has witnessed some biggest personalities including Nucleya, Shreya Ghoshal, Shilpa Rao and Lucky Ali among others.

The XL Experience

Becoming a part of XLRI in itself is a life-changing experience that can be only experienced. Few lines and words cannot do justice to the two-year affair you are going to have with XLRI. While the journey is different for each individual, there is no better place to experience this than at XLRI. There may be times when the academic and competitive pressure will break you, but there will always be someone to talk to, to share your thoughts and insecurities.

Student Speak

To get an insider’s take on the Life at XLRI, Jagranjosh connected with VarunRustagi - a PGDM General Management (GM) 2018-19 student at XLRI Jamshedpur. Here’s what he has to say:

Jagran Josh: How is the campus life at XLRI? What made you pick XLRI over other B-schools, something that makes it stand out from others?

Varun Rustagi: The fact that XLRI is India’s oldest and one of the most prestigious business schools makes XLRI a strongly preferred option. As someone with ~6 years of successful corporate journey across sectors, my motive to join a B-School was not just only for the academic learning, but was also for crafting my perspective building abilities and to build a strong network capital for myself. XLRI provides a competitive advantage of a very strong alumni network, which mattered the most to me. Moreover, XLRI General Management Program is meticulously designed to aid managers with not just only technical skill sets, but also significant grooming in niche yet significant subjects like Corporate Ethics and Sustainability which are the talk of the industries across. Unique attributes like this make GM Program a preferred choice.

Jagran Josh: How is the academic schedule at XLRI? How do you start and end your day?

Varun Rustagi:Academic Schedule at XLRI is undoubtedly an overwhelming canvas. The General Management Program at XLRI includes a total of 7 terms in 1 year, that makes it a very rigorous and a demanding course. An average day comprises of 4 to 5 lectures a day beginning at 9 am. It is not uncommon for General Management Students to attend lectures till 10 pm at night or on Sundays. Weekend is concept that you have to forget at XLRI =).

The first 3 terms are in particular very demanding considering the number of subjects. Evaluations are done via Quizzes, Mid Terms, End Terms and Group Projects. What adds uniqueness to pedagogy at GM Program is twin faculty concept for subjects. Many subjects (especially core subjects like Marketing, Operations Management et al) are taught by 2 faculties – each having their own share of grading credits. This enables students to gain diverse perspective even in one subject

Jagran Josh: There are various academic and activity clubs at XLRI. Are you part of any such clubs? Share some of the activities and their experience.

Varun Rustagi:I am Executive Committee Member of the XLRI Leadership Committee, a flagship committee of General Management Program at XLRI and also one of the most significant committees.The Leadership Committee is known to conduct XLRI Leadership Talk Series and aims to establish, strengthen and leverage industry connections to promote experiential learning at XLRI. The Leadership Committee organizes on a regular basis, Lectures and Guest Talk Series by inviting senior leaders from various walks of life and thereby creates a platform for students to learn from the experiences and anecdotes of the leaders. The committee, with its legacy, is known to host some of the notable business leaders as speakers in the past. Besides, there are numerous committees that are equally significant and work towards the collective growth of the batch. Some of them being Placement Committee, Career Development Committee, Alumni Committee, Branding & Communications Committee, Cultural Committee and Services Committee.

Jagran Josh: Tell us something about XLRI’s annual fests, cultural fests and various competitions.

Varun Rustagi:All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy and there is no dull boy or girl at XLRI. The student body at XLRI with the support of College Administration and Faculty organizes some of the most notable events such as XLerate, Ensemble – Valhalla, Alumni Homecoming, JalPaan, Sports-Meet etc. Besides domain related club/committees like FINAX, MAXI etc keep organizing events.

Jagran Josh: How do you spend your time when not studying?

Varun Rustagi:Though academics consumer a greater chunk of time during the program, yet the learning and growth at XLRI don’t stop within the boundaries of academics. It goes much beyond. With multitude of avenues for self-growth and development present outside academic curriculum, XLRI in its entirety is a melting pot of knowledge and exposure offering opportunities for growth. Hence when not studying, I am either found working in meetings of Leadership Committee to plan upcoming Leadership Talks or doing my usual laps of running in the lush green campus. I am passionate about tracking latest developments across industries and markets; hence I also invest time in reading industry developments & market trends via reports and articles. Goes unsaid, regular hostel parties and playing counter-strike are a must to de-stress and rejuvenate ourselves.

Jagran Josh: Tell us something about the hostel life? How do you relax after a day full of classes and activities?

Varun Rustagi:Hostels at XLRI provides state of the art facilities, especially for General Management Programs. Single rooms with attached bathrooms are given to every GM student. Additionally, students who want to avail family accommodation are offered twin room accommodation having an in-built kitchen facility. Equipped with all apartment-like facilities the hostels are no less than home away from home. The entire community lives like one large family. Though the GM program doesn’t offer many avenues to relax, still at times after a day full of classes, you may find some chilling at XLRI DHABA (college canteen), some having room-bound parties in hostel or some venturing to sports or gym.  Those involved in committees work upon their next planned initiatives.

Jagran Josh: Please share a message for future XLRI aspirants. How they should prepare themselves before joining the institute and what they can expect?

Varun Rustagi: XLRI is a great institution that offers an excellent platform for a holistic growth of an individual. The academic vigour is overwhelming, but that should not deter you from getting involved into experiential learning like participating in events, representation in student committees, or enjoying the campus life in general. Remember for many of you this will be the last tryst with a full time academic program. Hence make the most out of this ecosystem. The college offers numerous opportunities for growth and development, so you should come with an open mind-set to learn, imbibe and contribute. Building an appetite to learn before coming to XLRI is a key perquisite. Moreover, the program offers so many activities to be part of that you won’t be able to do all. Hence learn to prioritise and focus on building your core strengths. Most importantly, don’t be deluged by peer pressure. Don’t forget all others are like you – both strong and weak in different fields. The very fact you make it to XLRI, you earn the (humble) bragging rights with even additional responsibility to further develop yourself as a competent individual.

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