Want to crack Engineering Entrance Examinations 2019? Must Know all about Engineering

If you are preparing for engineering entrance examinations 2019, then this is article is important for you. This article will tell you the detailed information about different engineering branches like career aspects, job profiles, salary package etc.

Engineering Entrance Examinations 2018
Engineering Entrance Examinations 2018

There are various professional courses like engineering, architecture, law, medical, chartered accountant, pharmacy, hotel management, tourism etc.  But engineering is one of the most popular professional courses among students which they prefer to do after passing 12th board examination. Students after completing their 12th standard with science stream can do engineering. Engineering is a field that has its relevance since the origin of human being. The dream of every student is to do engineering from Top Engineering colleges.  There are different branches of engineering like Mechanical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Biotechnology Engineering, Biomedical Engineering, Genetic Engineering, Aerospace Engineering, Electronics Engineering and so on. Students are always confused about the future scope, salary packages and job profiles of these engineering branches. To help students we bring an article which will provide all information related to Engineering.

What is engineering?

In simple language, engineering is the application of science and mathematics to solve problems. It is an art to figure out how things work and find practical use of scientific discoveries. A scientist comes out with new original ideas but an engineer makes a design that work with those ideas.

What do engineers do?

In a very simple language, engineers inspect and solve problems. They design, evaluate, develop, test, modify, install, inspect and maintain a wide variety of products and systems. Now a day’s engineers do lot other things. They supervise manufacturing and construction; teach engineering courses in college and universities. They also teach engineering aspirants in coaching institutes and now a day this has become a lucrative business for engineers.

How to become an engineer?

To be graduate in engineering one has to finish his schooling from science stream. Diploma holders can also pursue degree in engineering course.

After completing 10+2 with Science stream one has to sit for various engineering entrance examinations such as IIT JEE, UPSEE, WBJEE etc. After that students are given admission in engineering college based on the marks scored in entrance examinations.

Specializations in Engineering:

The detailed information like future scope, salary packages, job profiles related to various engineering branches are given below:

1. Mechanical Engineering

mechanical engineering, Mechanical

Mechanical Engineering is one of the oldest branches of engineering. Being oldest branch it is also referred as mother of all branches. The most interesting aspect of this branch is that it is application based field of study.

Traditionally, mechanical engineers used to deal with concepts such as mechanics, thermodynamics, robotics, kinematics, structural analysis, fluid mechanics and many others. But now time has changed apart from conventional roles many new areas in mechanical engineering has developed such as nanotechnology, development of composite materials, biomedical applications, environmental conservation, etc.


2. Electrical Engineering

Electrical engineering, Engineering

It is the field of engineering that involves study and application of electricity and electronics. This branch of engineering deals with generation, transmission and distribution of electricity. Today with rising demand of electricity and government effort of boosting rural electrification programme electrical engineers are much in demand.  

Job profile of Electrical Engineer

(a) Role in guiding and organizing manufacturing, construction, installation, maintenance, support, documentation and testing to assure conformation with specifications, codes and customer requisites.
(b) Role in transmission and distribution of electrical energy and telecommunication
(c) Designing various control equipment for electricity generation
(d) Design and develop efficient electrical machines

3. Civil Engineering

Civil Engineering, Engineering

Civil Engineering is one of the oldest and probably most popular branches of engineering. While we may not realize it, the roots of civil engineering were laid during ancient times, when a man decided to build a shelter to put a roof on his head in order to build a safe environment for living. The definition of civil engineering flows from this concept and involves the study, design, development, construction and maintenance of build environments for human beings. The common misconception among people regarding civil engineers is that they only supervise workers at construction sites; however the scope of civil engineering as a subject is very vast.


4. Computer Engineering

Computer Engineering, Engineering

Computer Engineering is an expanding subject that is growing at exponential pace with establishment of different domains and sub-domains within its purview. However, if we try to look at the more basic or limited understanding of the subject, Computer Engineering can be defined as design and prototyping of computing systems and devices. In simpler terms, computer engineering deals with the amalgamation of electrical engineering and computer science to develop both computers and computer systems.


5. Chemical Engineering

Chemical Engineering, Engineering

Chemical Engineering is one of the oldest and most popular engineering sub-domains that existing in the physical sciences. Also referred by many experts as applied Chemistry, this field deals with the transformation of raw materials into more useful and valuable forms by application of physical sciences (physics & chemistry) as well as (microbiology, biochemistry & biology) and mathematics. In simpler terms, Chemical Engineers are involved in designing, construction and operation of machinery and plants to perform a variety of chemical reactions on raw materials to give them the shape of more useful substances. One of most common examples of chemical engineering products that we use in our daily life includes petroleum products, cosmetics, plastic and many more. 


6. Electronics Engineering

Electronics Engineering

As automation industry is increasing the demand for electronics engineer is also increasing day by day. Electronics engineers are absorbed in many industries such as: Aerospace industry, Automotive industry, Construction industry, Defence industry, Electronics industry, Marine industry, Oil and gas industry, Pharmaceuticals industry, Power generation industry, Rail industry, Telecoms, Utilities industry etc.

Electronic engineers are also involved in maintaining control and instrumentation plant items such as SCADA (supervisory control and data acquisition), DCS (distributed control system), telephony, data networks, etc.

7. Aerospace Engineering

Aerospace Engineering

If you wonder how things fly and intricate machinery of aeroplanes, helicopters, space vehicles etc. excite you, then aerospace engineering is right engineering stream for you.

Overall Focus: Flight vehicles and systems, covering both space flight (spacecraft, rockets,satellites, etc.) and sub-space flight (airplanes, helicopters, missiles, etc.). Many Aerospace Engineers also work on land-based vehicles as well (race cars, regular cars, etc), typically focusing on aerodynamics (designing external surfaces)


8. Genetic Engineering

Genetic Engineering, Engineering

Genetic Engineering is a relatively new branch of engineering that has come up in the last decade or so. Genetic Engineering as the name suggests deals with building or modification of human genome or an organism’s genome to change its biological and chemical properties to meet desired results. In common terms, genetic engineering can be defined as a laboratory science that deals with change or modification of DNA ((Deoxy Ribo Nucleic Acid) of living organisms to advance services in healthcare, medicine and agricultural industries. The subject was initially considered part of biotechnology, but with recent developments and diversification, Genetic Engineering has emerged as its own distinct subject of study with sub-domains and streams to follow.


9. Biomedical Engineering

Biomedical Engineering, Engineering

The rising demand of medical technology that aids in monitoring and treatment of patients has brought biomedical engineering to the limelight. This has also translated into rising employment opportunities in this field. Today, many students have started looking at biomedical engineering as a field of study that offers excellent career prospects in terms of further studies, research opportunities and even employment opportunities.


10. Biotechnology Engineering

Biotechnology Engineering, Engineering

If you are a science student, looking for an up-and-coming field of study to build you career in, Biotechnology will surely inspire some interest. The domain of biotechnology is one of the fastest growing fields making beneficial scientific advances at a rapid pace in the last quarter century. Considering the multi-disciplinary nature of Biotechnology, the field covers a diverse range of topics and subjects including mathematics, physics, chemistry, engineering and others. In other simpler words, biotechnologists deal with the amalgamation of biological sciences with engineering concepts & principles to create medical marvels that help and advance facilities in the healthcare sector, medicine, agriculture, food technology, the pharmaceutical industry and even environmental biology.



If you want to pursue your career in engineering, then without any shred of doubt go for it. There is vast opportunities available for you in every stream. Engineers are everywhere. They are in administration job. They head big companies. They are in banking sector. They are in teaching job. So, after doing engineering a lot of career opportunities will be available.

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