SBI PO Mains Exam 2017: General/Economy/Banking Awareness Quiz

To help you prepare better for SBI PO Mains exam, the banking team of jagran josh is providing General Awareness questions for SBI PO Mains Exam 2017.

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SBI PO GK quiz

General Awareness section plays a vital role to increase your score in bank examinations. The section does not require much time to attempt the questions. There will be 40 questions in SBI PO Mains Exam 2017. Go through the below quiz and strengthen your preparation.

 1. Usha Ananthasubramanian is the present MD and CEO of which of the following banks?

a)      Dena Bank

b)      Punjab National Bank

c)       Bank of Baroda

d)      Canara Bank

e)      None of these



2. The Union Finance Minister has proposed to abolish which of the following institutions?

a)      FIPB

b)      DICGC

c)       SIDBI

d)      NHB

e)      None of these

 3. The Economic Survey 2016-17 advocates the concept of UBI as an alternative to the various social welfare schemes in an effort to reduce poverty. The term UBI stands for

 a)      Universal Basic Income

b)      Universal Basic Incentive

c)       Uniform Basic Income

d)      Uniform Basic Incentive

e)      None of these


4. The India Post Payments Bank (IPPB) launched its operations recently. The paid-up equity of the IPPB is-

 a)      Rs. 800 cr

b)      Rs. 700 cr

c)       Rs. 100 cr

d)      Rs. 500 cr

e)      Rs. 200 cr

 5. World Earth Day is observed every year on-

 a)      20th April

b)      22nd April

c)       25th April

d)      28th April

e)      None of these


6. In the Union Budget for the Financial Year 2018, the fiscal deficit for 2017-18 has been pegged at what per cent of the GDP?

a)      3 per cent

b)      3.1 per cent

c)       3.2 per cent

d)      3.3 per cent

e)      3.4 per cent


 7. Which of the following has become the first bank in India to connect with Earthport’s  global payments network, which spans over 60 countries?


a)      SBI Bank

b)      ICICI Bank

c)       Axis Bank

d)      Yes Bank

e)      Bank of Baroda


 8. Which of the following plays an important role given by the Resreve Bank of India (RBI) to the banks for providing a specified portion of the bank lending to few specific secrotrs like agriculture?

 a)      LAF

b)      PSL

c)       NDTL

d)      Repurchase option

e)      None of these


  9. Who among the following has been appointed by Principal economic adviser in the Ministry of Finance?

 a)      Raghuram Rajan

b)      Subir Gokarn

c)       Sanjeev Sanyal

d)      HR Khan

e)      Arvind Tiwari


 10. ‘Baht’ is currency of-

a)      Mauritius

b)      Thailand

c)       Maldives

d)      Bhutan

e)      None of these


SBI PO 2017: Section Wise Strategy (General Awareness)

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