SSC Reasoning Preparation Tips: Coding-Decoding

In this article, we are going to discuss about the coding-decoding concept and various tips & tricks to tackle various kinds of questions.

SSC reasoning preparation tips
SSC reasoning preparation tips

As all of us know that, SSC tests one’s ability on the basis of General knowledge, Quantitative Aptitude, Reasoning and English. All these section carries equal weightage in terms of marks allotted. However, questions out of some sections are very easy, while questions from others are very clumsy and time consuming. In the same way, Questions hailed from reasoning are a mixture of such ones ranging from easier to the tougher ones.

Coding-Decoding is a part of reasoning ability section. You can attempt it brilliantly or waste a lot of time with no satisfactory responses. To overcome this problem, the more you practice more you will gain score.

In this article, we are going to discuss about the coding-decoding concept and various tips & tricks to tackle various kinds of questions.

SSC preparation tricks: Coding-Decoding

Before talking about coding-decoding tips & tricks, we will take a short introduction of this topic. What coding-decoding is all about?

Coding-decoding is a way of transmitting data between sender and the receiver in an encrypted manner i.e. without any other’s consent. Before transmission, the data is encoded and sent through any medium. When it is received, it is decoded in order to obtain the original data. This prevents data from getting corrupted and leaked.

Besides it, Coding-decoding carries significant weightage in various competitive exams including SSC and banking exams. The concept and approach remain the same, only the difficulty level of questions varies in Tier-1 & 2 exams. Out of this topic, you will find at least one question in all SSC Tier-1 exams. There are basically four types of questions, which are inquired out of this topic in reasoning section.

SSC Reasoning Preparation Tips: Logic Sequence of Words

  1. Letter coding
  2. Substitution
  3. Mixed letter coding
  4. Mixed number coding

Now, Let us know about how to solve these questions-

  1. Observe alphabets or numbers in the given question.
  2. Find the pattern or sequence in ascending, descending or alternate pattern
    1. Alphabet’ positions (A=1, B=2, C=3,……., Y=25, Z=26)
    2. Opposite position of alphabet (Z=26, Y=25,…………., B=2,Z=1)
    3. Opposite of each alphabet (A’s opposite is Z and so on)

Letter coding

In this category, the alphabets in a word are replaced by other alphabets according a rule.

E.g. In a certain code, PARKING is to QBSLJOH. How CARS will be encoded in this code?

The answer is Each alphabet in the word is incremented by 1. Hence the answer will be DBST.

SSC Reasoning preparation tips: Series Completion


In this category, names/words are substituted with different words/names. So, we have to carefully trace the substitution to arrive at the appropriate answer.

E.g. If parrot is known as peacock. Peacock is known as pigeon. Pigeon is known as Sparrow. Find the national bird of India?

The Answer is Peacock. However, Peacock is known as pigeon. Hence, Pigeon is the right answer.

Mixed Letter Coding

In this type of questions, Three-four questions are given in a coded language and the code of a particular word is asked. For solving this, any two or more than these phrases will be common and the dissimilar one will be equal to each other. Hence, you can find out the code for each corresponding phrases.

E.g. In a certain code,

'bi nie pie' means 'some good jokes' ;

'nie bat lik' means 'some real stories' ; and

'pie lik tol' means 'many good stories';

 Which word in that code means 'jokes'?

SSC Reasoning Preparation tips: Analogy

Let us figure out the code and letter for each other-

nie will be equivalent to ‘some’;

pie will be equivalent to ‘good’;

Hence, the correct answer will be ‘bi’ for ‘jokes’.

Mixed Number Coding

In this type of questions, numbers are given in the format of letters or phrases. Following the same rule mentioned above, you can figure out the correct answer.

E.g. In a certain code, '256' means 'you are good' ; '637' means 'we are bad' and '358' means 'good and bad'. Which of the following represents 'and' in that code?

In the above question, 6 is common in 256 and 637. Hence, 6 will correspond to ‘are’. Hence, we can establish, the relationship between digit and phrase.

6 will be equivalent to ‘are’;

3 will be equivalent to ‘bad’;

5 will be equivalent to ’good’;

8 will be equivalent to ‘and’;

SSC exam topper strategy and advice to excel in exams

The correct answer is 8.

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All the Best!

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