Struggles of doing a part time job as a college student

Here are a few struggles of being a part time worker as a college student.

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Struggles of doing a part time job as a college student
Struggles of doing a part time job as a college student


Money is a necessary evil- A feeling college students are more than familiar with. It is important to make money to be able to afford everything you want because the pocket money you get from parents is never enough. To make that possible, students often go for part time jobs which they can pursue after classes. These can be physically going to the office or freelancing from home. In either case, it is a big commitment to make with so much of your time dedicated to academics. Here are a few struggles of being a part time worker as a college student.

Having FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) while working

If you decide to take up a part time job, FOMO will be your constant companion. While your friends chill together after the classes you have to rush to go back to do work. At times you might also contemplate quitting the job because of how much it is interfering with your college life which you are supposed to enjoy. There are so many things to do in college that you will have to keep socializing a little low on the priority list. You will have to devote time for studying, revision, extracurricular activities and seminar because of which interacting with people for fun will become more and more difficult. All in all, college life may not look like how you thought it will.

The work-study dilemma will hit you hard

Whether to study or to work will be a question always on your mind because both have their own advantages. You came to college for a degree so studies cannot be left. Job, on the other hand, can be. However, those extra bucks at the end of the month have never hurt any student and are precisely the reason and motivation of students to keep going on with it. What will help in this situation is to have a clear idea about how much money you need to make every month in order to pay your bills and expenses and work an average number of hours per week. You might sometimes have to work more or fewer hours depending on scheduling, business and seasonal activity at your workplace, but strive to hit the mark with regular hours. You can use your remaining time to study.

Being tired all the time

It is natural to get tired if you are working on something or the other all day. Academics alone is exhausting enough for most students, couple that with the task of working part time and you have the recipe for a perpetually tired student. Sleep is non-negotiable when it comes to feeling and being your best. Aim to get a minimum of 5 hours per night; 6-8 is ideal for the young and the constantly busy. You may have to sacrifice other uses of your time, like unwinding in front of the TV, in order to get the sleep you need. Consider this a bodily necessity, the same as eating and drinking.

Making time for family will become more difficult

Family time might become difficult to find. As you fill out your schedule, the time for family might not make the cut. Don't make the mistake of contacting them very less because they are your pillars of strength and only people who will stick with you through thick and thin. Because you love them so much, you feel relaxed after talking to them and sharing and listening good and bad things about  your day. Talk about your schedule with your friends and family. Give them a glimpse into what the life of a working student looks like and they might just empathize and perhaps, they'll even try to make your life easier. At the very least, they'll know when to expect you and when to leave you alone to conquer your other goals.


Working on a part time basis while studying in college can be a very big commitment and you should get into it only if you think you can handle it all by yourself. The time you have can be enough, however, if you just know the right way to structure it. Just as organization and efficiency are paramount in succeeding at your job and your studies, these traits can help you make the best use of your time when trying to make it as a working student.

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