CBSE Board Exam 2021: How to utilise additional 15 minute time in board exams? Know important tricks here

In this article, you will get to know that how you can make the best use of the extra 15 minutes provided in the CBSE board exams to score high marks.

Tips to extra time in CBSE Board Exams
Tips to extra time in CBSE Board Exams

As students of CBSE Class 10th and Class 12th are preparing hard for their upcoming CBSE Board Exams 2021, they are seeking last-minute tips and tricks to pass the board exams. However, generally, students miss to strategise on time management during the examination. So, here we are discussing how students can manage their time in the best way in the examination hall by utilising the additional 15 minute time that is provided before the exam begins.

Q. How should I utilize the additional 15 minutes time to read the question papers in my Board Exams?

Ans. CBSE’s idea to introduce the additional 15 minutes time to read the question papers in board exams aims at helping the students in preparing a draft in their mind about how they will be solving the paper in next three hours and how they will be writing down the answers to different types of questions. This means, by the time you receive your answer sheet, you should already have chalked out a plan to approach the test. The more systematic you are, the more marks you will gain.

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When this additional reading time was not there in the scene, students used to get baffled after they got the question paper in hand. The first ten to fifteen minutes out of the three hours’ allotted time, were wasted just in reading the question paper and some more time went off in trying to figure out which questions to attempt first. Thus, with this additional 15 minutes of reading time, CBSE has given its students an edge in board exams. All you need is to utilize this crucial time intelligently and systematically.

Below are some tips on how you can use the 15 minutes reading time to score optimum marks in the upcoming board exams:

1. Prepare yourself: First of all, prepare your mind to ace the exam irrespective of your preparation level. Just intimate yourself that here you will give it your best shot.

2. Cross-check the test paper: Verify the CBSE board question paper for the missing or unordered pages so that you don’t get panicked later on or attempt questions in the wrong order.

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3. Analyse the paper as per your preparation: You need to mark the questions which you can answer without a stop. Also eliminate the questions you definitely don’t know the answer to, so that you don’t waste time on them while writing the exam. Remember to leave space for such questions to attempt them at the end.

4. Divide your time meticulously (Three hours): Next, you have to be manageable with the time limit. Try to allocate a particular time to each section so that you can surely complete your paper within the three hours time constraint.

5. Do the rough work: Once you are done with the things mentioned above, try to write pointers to the longer questions with a pencil, in the question paper itself. This will undoubtedly help to prevent the wastage of time on actually thinking what to write. Later you will only need to write an explanation to the said points.

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6. Solve easy questions in your mind: Utilise this precious time in solving the questions that can be solved orally or mentally.

7. Attempt one-word/MCQs on test paper with pencil: If you are still left with some time, then mark the right options in the multiple choice type questions.

Thus, if utilised judicially, these additional 15 mins are enough to solve 50-70% of the paper in hand. So always go planned and prepared. Everything will come to be successful for you.

All the Very Best!

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