UGC NET / JRF Economics Question Paper– II: December 2007

In December 2007, the National Eligibility Test (NET) for Economics was conducted by UGC for Junior Research Fellowship and Eligibility for Lectureship. Candidates who wish to further their preparation can download the Question Paper here

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The University Grant Commission (UGC) conducted the National Eligibility Test (UGC NET/ JRF) for Junior Research Fellowship and Eligibility for  Lectureship in December 2007. will provide questions from the respective segments for the benefit of the aspirants preparing for UGC NET/ JRF/ SLET recruitment exams.  The question paper will help in the practice and thereby further the preparation procedure of the students.

1. Revealed preference theory can be used

(A) to prove convexity of an indifference curve

(B) to break price effect

(C) to prove bask proposition of law of demand

(D) all of the above

2. In case of perfect substitutes indifference curve is

(A) right angled

(B) linear upward sloping

(C) linear downward sloping

(D) concave to origin

3. A ridgeline is a locus of such Points where marginal productivity of a factor input is.

(A) equal to zero

(B) greater than zero

(C) negative

(D) equal to one

Click Here to find Economics December 2007 complete question paper

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