UPSC IAS Main Exam General Studies Paper I : Suggested Books

To score maximum in the Paper II (GS-I) of UPSC’s Civil Services (IAS) Main Examination, an aspirant need to study the standard books and study material without wasting time on reading unnecessary bundle of books. Irrespective of lot of books for the reference, here are some perscribed suggestions for the dedicated students who is willing to crack the IAS Exam with desired rank

The UPSC’s Civil Services (IAS) Main Examination, the Paper II (GS-I) covers the topics from Indian Heritage and Culture, History and Geography of the world and the society comprises of 250 marks. This paper can prove to be the most scoring part as it contains mostly static topics which can be mastered from good sources.



Since the IAS- Main examination has the motive to test distinguish intellectual quality of a candidate with depth understanding of ranges of topics rather than ranges of information and memory. A candidate must be familiar with all topics covered in different sections and the habit of making notes of each topic will surely help them out during revision with less time consuming. Reading beyond the given syllabus may wastage of time so sticking to the syllabus only- a good idea. For a recent trend and types of questions asked in the examination, candidate should make analysis of the previous year question paper of their own.
Here, topic wise discussion focuses on what to read and what to ignore and the detailed booklist will be much helpful for the aspirants:

Indian Heritage and Culture contains the sub-topics like Art forms, Literature, Architecture from ancient to modern times.

1. Indian Culture- For different aspects of Art Forms, Literature and Arcitecture from ancient to modern times refer any source but also study Indian Culture by Spectrum.

2. Modern Indian History: For significant events, personalities, issues refer Shekhar Bandopadhyay- From Plassey to Partition, Bipin Chandra- Freedom Struggle and Since Independence.

3. Post-Independence India: Very common questions are asked in this section so be continue with daily News Paper and read stories.

4. World History: For the world history and various events from 18th century such as Industrial Revolution, World Wars, Colonisation, Decolononistion, political Philosophies i.e. communalism, socialism etc and their forms and effect on the society refer Europe Since Napoleon by David Thomson and any class notes.

5. Indian Society and its Diversity: Salient features of India society are common topics which will already be covered while studying the above topics. If anyone desires to study then refer NCERT- Indian Society for Class 12.

6. Role of Women, Poverty and Developmental Issues: No need to study these topics specifically, everyone posses the general idea of these topics.

7. Effects of Globalisation on Indian society: Everyone posses the general idea of these topics.

8. Social empowerment, communalism, regionalism & secularism: Everyone posses the general idea of these topics.

World Geography

1. Salient Features of the world’s Physical Geograpy: For this refer Goh Cheng Leong’s Certificate Physical and Human Geography and NCERT Fundamental of Physical Geography of Class 11.

2. Distribution of key Natural Resources: Its covers distribution key natural resources across the world specifically in South Asian and Indian Sub-continent regions. It also covers the fators responsible for the location of three sector industries i.e. primary, secondary and tertiary in various parts of the world. For these refer NCERTs- Human Geography and India- People and Economy of Class 12 and also refer Geography of India 4th Edition by Majid Husain.

3. Important Geographical Phenomena: It covers the geographical phenomena such as earthquakes, Tsunami, Volcanic activity, Cylones etc. The most part of it, has been covered by Goh Cheng Leong and might also refer Savinder Singh’s Physical Geography.

4. Impact of Flora and Fauna: No need to study specifically.

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