Instant Noodles Can Help Fight World Hunger: Research

Researchers from different universities claimed that the instant noodles can prove to be very helpful for satiating the world hunger all over the world.

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Researchers from different universities, in the last week of August 2013, claimed that the instant noodles can prove to be very helpful for satiating the world hunger all over the world.
Deborah Gewertz, the G. Henry Whitcomb 1874 Professor of Anthropology at Amherst along with her co-workers examined history, marketing, manufacturing as well as consumption of the foodstuff and revealed that the instant noodles will play a significant global role in the years to come.

Deborah Gewertz explained that as the protean food designed for quotidian consumption, instant noodles already proved to be the great source to ease the hunger. She also explained that as the food will become scarcer in near future, tasty, cheap, shelf-stable and convenient instant noodles will become all the more important.

Deborah Gewertz and her co-authors of the research, Frederick Errington, Distinguished Professor of Anthropology, Emeritus, at Trinity College in Hartford, Conn., and Tatsuro Fujikura, professor at the Graduate School of Asian and African Area Studies at Kyoto University and a member of Amherst's Class of 1991, after the study, explained about the biophysiology of human taste. This biophysiology of human taste provided an insight into the mechanism of marketers for penetrating into new markets with their industrial foods. The study also analysed the thing required for feeding billions of people.

In order to understand the impact of the instant noodles on diverse populations of the world, the authors studied three markets. The first market was Japan. The instant noodles were invented in the year 1958 in Japan and have been accepted widely since then. During World War II, these noodles were considered as the sign of modernity, but at present, they are treated as a convenient snack.

The market of Papua New Guinea was also studied, where the instant noodles arrived in 1980s. The market analysis showed how the instant noodles served as a source of intriguing as well as cheap food options, especially for the urban poor. The instant noodles, in this market, were eaten not just as the snacks but also as the proper meals.

The study concluded that instant noodles could be very well established as the source of ending world hunger in the future.

What are instant noodles?

• Instant noodles, also called Ramen are the precooked or dried noodles which are sold with the packets of flavouring. The dried noodles are cooked after soaking in boiling water. The precooked noodles can be eaten directly from the packet or can be simply reheated.
• Momofuku Ando of Nissin Foods, Japan was the first one to invent instant noodles. These noodles were first marketed by Ando's company Nissin on 25 August 1958 under the brand name of Chikin Ramen.
• Ando was the first one to develop the production method of flash frying of these noodles after they were made, thereby creating instant noodles.

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