Does the Earth need protection from 5G?

There has always been a buzz around the arrival of 5G. While everyone gets excited with just the name of 5G, are we ignoring the planet? Let’s find out.
Does 5G harm the planet?
Does 5G harm the planet?

The Environmental Health Trust has incessantly written a myriad of letters related to the environmental impact of wireless networks like the 5G.  There have been several kinds of research talking about the adverse effects of wireless networks on the planet.


Adverse effects of wireless networks on the planet

As per a 9-year field study, massive impacts on trees have been a result of high radiation/

Moreover, a 2017 study revealed that a massive amount of studies relating to RF-EMFs from devices and mobile phones showcase various physiological and/or morphological effects.


Also, a research review titled “Electromagnetic radiation as an emerging driver factor for the decline of insects” stated adverse effects on bees and from non-ionizing electromagnetic field exposures.

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