How Confident Am I? Take This Simple Personality Test

How Confident Am I Quiz: Take this super fun yet 100% accurate personality test to reveal your confidence level.
How Confident Am I? Take This Simple Personality Test
How Confident Am I? Take This Simple Personality Test

How Confident Am I Quiz: Confidence is a vital element of our personality. It plays a pivotal role in fulfilling our dreams, achieving our goals, surviving difficult situations, fighting insecurity, doing well at school or the workplace, and overcoming any sort of identity crisis. It would surprise you to know that everyone deals with confidence issues, even public speakers. With a good amount of social exposure, self-awareness, and sometimes therapy, one can always understand their source of lack of confidence. However, one thing one should know is that confidence can always be developed. First, you need to understand how confident you are to work on yourself. Below, we have assembled a self-confidence quiz with a few questions each carrying 1 point.

Self Confidence Personality Test: How Confident Am I?

Self Confidence Personality Test: How Confident Am I?

Q1. How do you feel about yourself in front of a camera?

A: Yes, I love it!

B: It really makes me nervous and awkward, but I am okay.

C: No, I do not like it at all.


Q2. Would you be able to host morning assemblies or workshops in your school/office if given an opportunity?

A: Yes

B: Sometimes, but I am afraid I will embarrass myself.

C: Not Sure


Q3. Do you think you are an optimistic individual?

A: Yes

B: No

C: I am not self-aware


Q4. Would you be comfortable arriving alone at a party and enjoying yourself?

A: Yes, Definitely

B: No, I need a company to tag along with me.

C: Not Sure


Q5. You are in a meeting on your first day at work, would you go ahead and voice your opinion?

A: Yes

B: I would hold my thought and speak up only when asked to.

C: No


Q6. How do you feel about crossing across the room full of crowd?

A: I am a rockstar!

B: I will walk across though with my head down.

C: I would sulk in a corner but not leave my comfort spot.


Q7. How comfortable are you in mingling with new people or making eye contact with people?

A: I am confident in my identity.

B: I try to fake confidence while I am having an anxiety attack.

C: I get socially awkward.


Q8. Where do you see yourself in the future?

A: Super successful, super rich! I can make it happen!

B: With a job and family.

C: I do not know where I will end up in life.


Q9. I handle new situations with relative comfort and ease.

A: Yes, Always!

B: Sometimes, I feel a lack in my abilities.

C: No, I am terrible at believing in myself.


Q10. Do you feel the need to please everyone around you?

A: Never, I march to my own tune.

B: Sometimes

C: Yes, I am pretty insecure about myself.

Scorecard: How Confident Am I?

If you answered Option A between 8-10 times, You are Super Confident!

You are doing an amazing job at maintaining your calm, and poise, and outshining in public. You are seldom bogged down by difficult situations or crowds. You know who you are and what you bring to the table. You recognize yourself for your skills, looks, or whatever it is that makes you feel good about yourself. You have no trouble establishing social rapport with people. Both your silence and talkative side gets people around to look at you twice. You have a knack for learning from your experiences and being better than the last time.

If you answered Option B between 6-8 times, You are Confident!

Your confidence level is not exceptionally high. You may find yourself faking it half the time. However, you do have the ability to push your limits, get outside of your comfort zone, and be comfortable with yourself. Even if you may find yourself as not the most good-looking or most genius or filthy rich, you still have a confident way of presenting yourself in public.

If you answered Option C more than 6 times, You are Not Confident!

You really lack confidence in yourself. You need to learn to start trusting in your abilities, look within to explore your qualities, and listen to your own mind, surely you will make mistakes a few times. But, one thing is sure you will learn to be comfortable in your own skin. You will also be able to break out of your shell more often. You should believe and affirm ‘I AM CONFIDENT’, half the work is done there. Rest, you will need to take action, move out of your comfort zone, and stand up for yourself.

Tell us in comments: How Confident Are You?

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