Optical Illusion: Do you see an ice cave first? The end result will take you by surprise

Optical Illusion: Do you see an ice cave first? This optical illusion has the netizens perplexed. Attempt this mind-boggling optical illusion now.

Optical Illusions: The Internet is filled with many optical illusion challenges and the insatiable hunger for more optical illusions is an indicator of the popularity of optical illusions among the netizens.


The best thing about optical illusions is that they test your observation skills and situational awareness.


Also, these optical illusions act as a great source of information for scientists who study the functioning of the brain.


There are various types of optical illusions such as physiological and cognitive. Cognitive illusions are also of three types namely ambiguous, distorting and paradox illusions.


Reading all this information about optical illusions might have aroused the curiosity in your mind to try one for yourself now.


Put on your thinking cap and let’s get started.


Optical Illusion - Do you see an ice cave first?

Take a look at the image below.



Source: Liamers/Reddit


This image is shared on Reddit by a user named Liamers and since it was posted it has gotten a great response and moreover had the netizens perplexed.


At the first glance, the image before you looks like an ice cave and it looks like three persons are on a boat crossing the river.


But what if we tell you that what you are seeing is not true?


Would you believe it?


Take a closer look at the picture and you will have your answers.


This optical illusion has left many netizens perplexed at the first glance and once they have observed the picture properly they could make out that there is more than meets the eye in this picture.


One user said, “I was like look at the people kayaking by the glaciers!”


While another said, I thought this was a view from an airplane cockpit flying over the Rockies in winter.


Are you able to make out what exactly it is?


We believe some of you have already found out what it is.


Some of you might still be thinking what actually is this?


Keep reading below for the solution and explanation.


Optical Illusion - Do you see an ice cave first? Solution and explanation.

The image that looks like an ice cave is in reality the windscreen of a car which is full of ice and frosted giving the appearance of snowy mountains.


And the three persons are actually three birds that are kept as decorative pieces on the dashboard.


Interesting, isn’t it?


We hope you liked it. 


Try a quick optical illusion challenger below:


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