Optical Illusion: Can you spot the hidden prince in 11 seconds?

There is a hidden prince in this optical illusion picture. Can you spot the hidden prince in 11 seconds? Test your observation skills with this optical illusion test now.
Find Hidden Prince Optical Illusion
Find Hidden Prince Optical Illusion

Optical Illusions: The popularity of optical illusions has grown leaps and bounds over the past few years. The number of people hooked on to optical illusions on the Internet has increased significantly.


This is a testament to the popularity of optical illusions among netizens.


Optical illusions, apart from being a source of entertainment, also play an important role in understanding brain functions.

There are various types of optical illusions, namely physiological and cognitive. Cognitive optical illusions are of three types which are ambiguous, distorting, and paradox illusions.


Interested in trying out an optical illusion challenge now?




Get your game face on and let’s jump in.

Optical Illusion - Find the hidden prince in 11 seconds

Take a look at the image below.



This image depicts a garden scene in which you can see two trees with leaves on them, some shrubs, and a grass floor.


Also, a falcon, which can be seen in this image, is sitting on one of the twigs of the tree on the right side.


Hiding somewhere in this picture is a prince, and you need to find the hidden prince in 11 seconds.


Your time starts now.


Look carefully at the image and you will be able to see the hidden prince.


Optical illusion challenges test your observation skills and, most importantly, help in improving your thinking ability.


These images indulge you in a world where you are involved in solving puzzles. You also get entertainment as well as a chance to unwind and destress.


These challenges turn out to be boosters for your brain's abilities as solving these puzzles requires significant use of your brain cells.


Did you spot the hidden prince?




Need a hint?


Here it is.


The prince is not hiding on the left side of the image.


Now, it will be easy for you to refine your search.


Time’s running out.


How many of you were able to find the hidden prince in the optical illusion picture above?


This is a challenge that will test your observation skills to the hilt.


Individuals with excellent observation skills will be able to spot the hidden prince within the time limit.


For first-timers, it can be a bit challenging.


Time’s up.


Those still looking for the solution need to scroll below.



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