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What are Carbon Cycle and Global Carbon Budget?

13-DEC-2017 18:20
    What are Carbon Cycle and Global Carbon Budget?

    Carbon is the main component of biological compounds as well as many minerals. It is referred to as ‘building block of life’ because it is found in every living as well as non-living things. The Human activities endorse the concentration of carbon Dioxide in the atmosphere and out of which some are absorbed by the plants and some are taken by the ocean.

    Importance of Carbon Dioxide

    Every day the Sunrises and Sunsets but we never got to know how our environment remains warm after sunset. It is carbon dioxide, which traps the heat in the atmosphere by creating a greenhouse effect otherwise Earth would be a frozen world. But from the past few decades, significant amounts of carbon compounds are being released into the atmosphere as a result of human activity, much faster than they would have been released naturally, and this rapid release is the primary cause of currently observed human-influenced global warming.

    What is Carbon Cycle?

    Carbon Cycle

    Source: www.noaa.gov

    The rate of flow of Carbon Dioxide between the oceans, terrestrial biosphere, lithosphere and atmosphere is called Carbon Cycle. It is just like nitrogen cycle and water Cycle is the key to make Earth capable of sustaining life. It gives a description of the movement of carbon as it is recycled and reused throughout the biosphere, as well as long-term processes of carbon sequestration to and release from carbon sinks. It was discovered by Joseph Priestly and Antione Lavoisier, but popularised by Humphry Davy.

    Biological Sequestration: Concept, Importance and Need

    Types of Carbon Cycle

    There are two types of Carbon Cycle which are explained below:

    1. Biological Carbon Cycle

    Biological Carbon Cycle

    Source: slideplayer.com

    It is the process of releasing carbon dioxide through photosynthesis by the autotrophs such as plants or algae.


    2. Geological Carbon Cycle

    Geological Carbon Cycle

    Source: images.slideplayer.com

    In this cycle, the mobilization of carbon is between rocks and minerals, seawater and the atmosphere. It is primarily driven by the movement of the Earth's tectonic plates and associated geologic processes such as chemical weathering.

    Major Pollutant, their sources and their effects on Humans and Environment

    What is Global Carbon Budget?

    Carbon Budget

    Source: www.globalcarbonproject.org

    The Global Carbon Budget is the sum of all exchanges (inflows and outflows) of carbon compounds between the earth's carbon reservoirs (such as land mass and atmosphere) in the carbon cycle. It is used to determine, whether a particular pool/reservoir/circle is working as a source of the Carbon Dioxide. It is important to be in line what is scientifically required to keep global warming and climate change tolerable.

    Carbon is the backbone of the sustenance of life on the Earth because the entire living and non-living things are made up of carbon, we eat carbon as well our civilisation is built on carbon. But the exploitative acts of Human resultant the serious problems of global warming and climate change. This is happen due to the exchange of carbon reservoirs.

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