7 Essential computer skills for school students

Computer skills are the basic requirement now for students, professional or any other individual who uses computer and Internet. The computer skills should be developed right from the school life. Students can know here the essential computer skills that would be helpful for their school work and projects.

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Top skills for school students
Top skills for school students

Computer skills are a much-needed requirement today; be it students, professionals or any individual who want to be up to date with technology. Today, when students get assignments/homework, projects or even the study module in classroom prefers the use of computers and laptops for students learning. Every school is equipping themselves with latest technology and devices for a better learning approach. Teachers are making student adapt new skills every day and computer efficiency are the common skills in this.

We have mentioned here the essential computer skills required for school students –

1. Using Computer Applications – Students should be familiar with the use of important computer applications like Microsoft Office, note-taking applications like WordPad, notepad, browsers like Google, Mozilla, Internet Explorer etc. as, these are the basic applications they will require to research and work on their homework, assignments, projects etc. The basic applications students must be well versed with are –

  • Word, Notepad, WordPad
  • Excel or Spread Sheets
  • Paint and Image software
  • E-mail
  • PowerPoint Presentation
  • Using printer, scanner or copy machine etc.

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2. Writing Skills Students should know that in every profession, they would be required to make presentations, proposals, emails etc. so for this they need to have strong writing skills so that it doesn’t become a barrier in their school, college or for a successful career life. They should focus on their typing speed, accuracy, English grammar and spelling etc.

3. Internet browsing skills Nowadays, students refer internet to research and get solutions for their homework, assignments and projects etc. The Internet is a vast network and, there is no question in this world for which you cannot find answers by using browsers like Google, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari, Opera, and UC browser etc. So, students should be able to use the internet properly, and they should be aware of the harmful websites containing viruses, fake news and information websites, as well as should know fact checking for authentic data. Besides, students should know about –

  • Bookmarks,
  • Cache memory,
  • Cookies,
  • Browsing History
  • Safe Downloading
  • Data Usage and monitoring etc.

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4. Maintaining file and folders Just like you maintain your copies, notebooks, books, stationery etc., you should maintain your computer files and folders. Students should know how to keep image file, word file, download folder, internal as well as external storage folders. Students should know that computer is a machine and data storage troubles it if the memory is full and the computer slows down and your work suffers. So, for optimum use of a computer, students should know how to maintain folders as well as clean up the unnecessary files.

5. Communication Ethics Now, every other individual knows how to use social media, e-mails etc. Students should understand the difference between the use of formal network and informal platform. For example, for e-mails and chats related to school must be limited to texting only or use of limited emoticons. However, for social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Skype and Viber etc, students need not worry but they should be aware of privacy and security issues on these platforms.

6. Understanding cyber crimes and security Cyber Crime is known as the frauds, unethical use of information or hacking through a computer network. Students are at higher risk of cyber crimes due to lack of awareness. It is not possible to stop cybercrime at every end so, students need to be careful and not become victims of these crimes. They should understand the need for firewalls, security setting and protection from malware etc. Also, they should share these things with their classmates and friends as well so as to help them to be safe from cyber crimes.  

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7. Basic handling of software and hardwareA machine is bound to break down or have some trouble; so students need to have knowledge of basic handling of a system like troubleshooting the malware/virus, storage, downloading and installation, internet connection, as well as maintaining Computer Mouse, Monitor, CPU, cables etc. These are the necessary skills required for operating a computer in the best possible manner.

Conclusion: School students need to develop these basic and essential computer skills because these skills are for their long-term benefit as everything today need to be done through computer and laptops etc. Students can know here the essential computer skills that would be helpful for their school work and projects. The students mastering these skills would not face any problem in their school life, college life as well as in their professional life.

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