A Kerala Boy tops CBSE Class XII Commerce 2014 in UAE

A boy of Kerala origin Sachin Nair tops the CBSE Class XII Commerce the AISSCE in UAE

Jun 6, 2014 16:47 IST

“I estimated to get grades but in no way thought I would be the Commerce topper in UAE,” acknowledged Sachin Nair, who secured 97.6% to top the Indian education board examination’s Commerce stream in 2014 CBSE results.

“I have always attained 2nd position. A girl in my class has always attained the 1st position. It is only during the preliminary examinations I came 1st with 94%. And, then this followed,” he said, happily. Sachin Nair is a candidate of Indian High School, who got an excellent grade from Dubai’s Knowledge & Human Development Authority. Carried out by India’s CBSE, the AISSCE is the last school examination before students commence university studies.

“A lot of hard work & time management is the key to success” he added. Sachin Nair admitted, he worked diligently & clocked in 8 to 10 hours for his school books. “However, I also took 15-minute break every 2 hours,” he added, saying, “it is significant to take a break else you lose attentiveness.” Apart giving his text books precedence, Sachin Nair also found time to watch movies & even spend time on Facebook.

Actually, the study hours augmented closer to the board examinations, with the school giving a 2 month break for Grade XI students. His parents are perceptibly overjoyed about his academic performance. “They were so glad, and it was good to bring them so much delight.” Sachin Nair asserts his younger brother, who will start Grade X in same school, is under no pressure to chase his academic quest. “He is more into sports,” he said, adding there is no pressure at their home to only focus on school books.

He remembers being in a state of distress when his father told him the good news. “I could not jump around as I was in driving school at the time when my father called me.” “My friends have been flooding me with requests for treat,” he added. Sachin Nair has already got admission in the University of Wollongong, Dubai & is gearing to begin a new chapter in his life.


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