11 Air Purifying Indoor Plants To Beat Pollution in This Season

If buying air purifying indoor plants is on the top of your shopping list, then we are here with some options. Go through the details of indoor air cleanser plants which are NASA certified. Give your place an exotic look and breathe fresh. Feel spring and go natural with these indoor plants.  

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Air Purifying Plants
Air Purifying Plants

One of the solution to curb the increasing pollution in Delhi is indoor air purifying plants. If you have been thinking of buying these plants, then this is the correct time for you. They can be elegantly placed in your indoor settings as well as in your office and study desk. 

If lack of space is the reason that you can’t have a lush garden at the moment, then these indoor plants can compensate that to some extent. These plants purify the air as well as give your place a much elegant look. From stylish pots to varieties in plants, you will love to have them around you.

Available in an online market, these beautiful indoor plants are available at reasonable prices. We have selected a few and are presenting you all forms of plants that you can place in your room as well on your study desk. Give your place an environment-friendly look with these pieces.

1.Green Color Fern plant will clean indoor air as well as will work great as a room decor (NASA Approved)

Price- Rs. 399

The brown aroez ceramic pot has this beautiful fern plant in green color. Keep it in your room or bring it to your workplace, the elegance will be unmatched. Certified by NASA, the plant cleanses indoor air and you will breathe fresh in this polluted environment. Despite growing in dark forests, the plant needs brightness and sunlight for its constant growth. Make sure to keep the soil moist for the growth of the plant.


  • The green fern plant grows on the floor of dark forests hence bringing all forms of natural elements
  • The plant needs to be placed in bright places with an open environment
  • The plant will bloom much with water sprays
  • Absorbs airborne chemicals which are in office and environment
  • Make sure that the soil is wet and the ferns are groomed well

Material- The Aroez ceramic pot with a live plant

Color- The pot is of brown color along with a green color plant


  • Pot- Diameter is 4 inches and height is 3.5 inches
  • Plant along with a pot height is approx 7-10 inches

Benefits- The green plant is known to restore moisture and humidify the indoor environment. Along with it, enjoy giving a natural look to your indoor settings

Point To Note- Make sure that the plant is sprayed with water at regular intervals. Keep it in an open place as it requires air and brightness for the flourishing growth.

2. Bring fresh air and money with this money plant in the red pot

Price- Rs. 499

The money plant is also one of the most preferred plants. You can spot it in offices or in homes. Treated as both the indoor and outdoor plants, one of the benefits is that it purifies the air as well. The piece is available in the beautiful red ceramic pot which will give a delicate look to your interior. Place it on your study table or a side table in the living room and you will for sure love to sit next to it.


  • Money plant is one of the classic plants, gives your place a unique look
  • The green plant brings good luck as well as purifies the indoor air
  • As scientists recommend, the plant can be kept next to laptop, television and other electronic items as it absorbs radiation
  • Requires proper water and sunlight for the constant growth
  • The plant removes formaldehyde and carbon monoxide from the air

Material- The ceramic pot is available with the live money plant

Color- The pot is of red color with green color plant


  • Pot- width is 5x3.5 inches and height is 3.2 inches
  • Plant- with pot height it is 3.2 inches

Benefits- Give your place a greener look with this air cleanser money plant. You can be enjoying it placing indoor as well as outdoor settings. You will love the elegance that it will bring

Point To Note- Since it is a climber, make sure that it is trimmed from time to time. Provide water and sunlight on a daily basis and keep the soil moist.

3. Buy this delicate Areca palm plant for your bedroom and feel fresh every morning

Price- Rs. 370

The beautiful palm plant will be your favorite thing to see every morning. Known as an air cleaner indoor plant, it can grow easily and doesn’t require much maintenance. The plant can be placed next to your bed or you can also gift it as a house warming gift to a friend. Provide a balanced amount of water and sunlight and enjoy the elegance of this plant in the white pot.


  • Areca palm plant is known to purify indoor air and removes toxins
  • Placing this plant will brighten the interior
  • Need water twice a week and occasional trimming
  • Avoid direct sunlight and place it indoor with a subtle brightness
  • One of the easiest palm trees to grow indoors


Material- The ceramic pot comes with a live Areca palm tree

Color- The pot is available in white color with a live green plant


  • Plant height is 6 to 12 inch
  • Pot is 4” to 5” diameter

Benefits- The plant is easily maintained and needs to be provided with water only twice a week. A low maintenance plant will require least of your attention but glam up your interiors for sure

Point To Note- If you are not planning on growing this plant much and like the stable growth then make sure to give cutting on regular intervals. Also, keep the plant in an airy environment available with brightness.

4. Place this exotic MILT green color indoor plant in your place and enjoy the changed and natural look

Price- Rs. 585

This exotic piece will be loved by you. Give this as a gift enjoy it by placing in your home settings, the sansevieria plant will clean your indoor environment. Make sure that the plant doesn’t go dry for long and keep providing water at regular intervals. Buying this piece will also be successful as a good stress buster. The plant is available online in a beautiful blue and white color ceramic pot giving your room an elegant look.


  • The natural sansevieria MILT plant absorbs xylene and benzene from the environment
  • Enjoy the natural and much greener look of the plant in your room
  • The plant must be provided with the water at regular intervals. The plant must not go dry
  • It requires brightness and enough open space but avoids the direct contact of the sunlight
  • The plant will bring positivity to your inner environment

Material- The ceramic pot is available with the live plant

Color- The blue and white ceramic pot comes with the green and yellowish color plant

Plant Type- Natural Indoor Plant

Benefits- The plant is a good stress buster and can also survive in adverse conditions. It gives an exotic natural look to the place and can be placed in the outdoor settings as well

Point To Note- Make sure that the plant is placed in an open space where it can get enough brightness and air.


5.Breathe Fresh with this Air-purifying Pink Syngonium Plant

Price- 369

The white ceramic pot with a Syngonium plant will bring good luck and pure air with it. The indoor table plant is the perfect fit for your study desk as well as the office table and you can also keep on your bedside table. The five-lobed shape plant in a simple white pot consists of Feng Shui five elements: Fire, Wood, Earth, Water, and Metal. Keep it moist in summer and give less water in winters and it will keep giving you good vibes for a long time.


  • It is an air purifying plant as well as a symbol of good luck
  • The ceramic pot gives the durability for a long time use
  • The plant must be given low light and no direct sun
  • The leaves will start out as heart-shaped and eventually as arrowhead-shaped
  • Cleanses the air
  • Best to place on study desk and workstations

 Material- The entire set includes the ceramic pot in white color with the live plant

Color- The pot is of white color with pink Syngonium plant


  • Pot- Diameter is 4 inches and height is 4 inches
  • Plant with the Pot height- 7-10 inches

Benefits- This air purifying indoor plant will bring spring to your in your room. Also symbolizing good luck, the pink plant will bring prosperity to you

Point To Note- Make sure that an appropriate amount of water is given to the plant. The imbalance of water might spoil the roots.   

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6. The Bucket shaped pot with a spider plant will bring you close to nature

Price- Rs. 389

This plant will be the perfect piece for the empty corner in your room. The white ceramic pot in bucket shape will give an elegant look. The spider plant will improve the quality of air and will remove the toxic chemicals from the inside air. The spider plant is one of the most preferred ones because it is the easiest growing indoor plant. Water it modestly and once in a week keep it outside in the indirect sun for the constant growth.


  • The spider-shaped plant will provide humidification and air purification
  • It is a safe house plant if you have pets in your place
  • The plant blooms in bright light but avoids direct sunlight
  • The dew bucket ceramic pot will give longevity and enough space to the plant to grow
  • The plant removes carbon monoxide, Formaldehyde, and other indoor air toxic chemicals

Material- The pot is ceramic in a bucket-shaped design and comes with a live plant

Color- The pot is standard white color along with the green color spider plant


  • Pot- The diameter is 4 inches and the height is 3 inches
  • Plant- The plant with pot height is 7-10 inches

Benefits- Apart from giving clean air, the plant also removes the toxicity inside the room environment. Also, enjoy this piece by placing it on your workstation or in your room corner.

Point To Note- It is important that the plant is kept outdoors once in a while. The partial sunlight is necessary for the growth of the plant.

7. The funky design on this pot along with Cactus plant is perfect for your study desk

Price- Rs. 459

Your instant love for this item will be because of the funny emoji design on it. The cactus plant in the pot will be a unique piece that you will certainly enjoy on your study desk or at the work station. Cactus pant is known for its constant growth and for absorbing harmful radiations. If you know a nature lover, you can pick this piece as a birthday gift as well. Under your budget, the succulent plant is low on maintenance and can grow well in the inside environment as well.     


  • The cactus plant in the ceramic pot will absorb electromagnetic radiations by the gadgets
  • The plant will bring an elegant look to the place
  • For the constant growth bright light and sun is important once in a while
  • Provide water to the plant but not frequently and keep the soil completely moist
  • Avoid using spray bottles
  • The plant is a perfect decorative piece

Material- The high quality white ceramic pot provides durability along with the live plant

Color- The color of the pot is white along with a green plant


  • Pot- Diameter is 3 inches and height is 3.5 inches
  • Plant- With pot height it is 507 inches

Benefits- Your table will be all set with this decorative cactus plant pot. The additional benefit is the plant is low maintenance and you don’t have to invest much time on it

Point To Note- Keep providing the appropriate quantity of water in it. It must be moist and should be kept in the sun once in a week.

8. Bring good luck with this Jade Plant in Yellow Ceramic Pot

Price- Rs. 449

This attractive piece in bright yellow color can be a great gift to someone or to yourself. The attractive design of the pot is complementing the jade plant. Known for happiness, prosperity and good luck, keeping jade plant will bring good vibes and give you a pleasant environment in your office. You can also place this plant at the entrance of your home. The low maintenance quality of the plant will make this piece your favorite one.


  • The plant in the yellow color ceramic pot is the symbol of good luck
  • They need sunlight from time to time but avoid the scorching sun heat
  • Requires water in a balanced quantity
  • Keep the soil of the plant moist
  • The piece will provide the decorative look
  • Keep it indoor on your desk as well as outside the door

Material- The ceramic pot with a green live plant

Color- The pot is of yellow color with a green color plant complimenting it


  • Pot- Width is of 4 inches and height is 4 inches
  • Plant- With pot it has a height of 8-10 inches

Benefits- You can gift this yellow pot plant to someone and celebrate fortune, prosperity, and friendship. They will easily be able to find a perfect place for this beautiful piece

Point To Note- Make sure to keep the plant outdoor from time to time. For its constant growth, it needs sunlight once in a week.

9. The thinking girl pot plant will be a unique addition to your decorative pieces

Prices- Rs. 460 

This artistic piece by Ferns N Petals will become your instant favorite. The thinking girl plant is a unique design that will make a great gift. If you are finding your study desk or work stations too plain or that garden of yours needs a little funky touch, then you must check this piece. The thinking girl pot with snakeskin plant is the perfect fit for those who think a lot.


  • Give your table or garden an entirely new look with this stylish thinking girl pot
  • The plant is known to bring good luck and prosperity
  • It is proved that the sansevieria plant has the quality of purifying indoor air
  • The plant removes 4 of the 5 main toxins in the air
  • The plant can be placed and will groom well in both the indoor and outdoor settings

Material- White raisin pot with a live plant

Color- The color of the pot is white and the plant is of green color


  • Plant Height- 6 inches
  • Pot Size- 3x3 inches

Plant Type- Air Purifying Plant

Benefits- Apart from being a great gift, the plant can be put in both the indoor and outdoor settings. The air purifying plant can remove toxins from the air

Point To Note- Despite being a decorative piece, the plant must be watered on a regular basis and must be handled with care.

10. Philodendron live indoor plant in a blue pot will change the look of your place

Price- Rs. 315

This beautiful piece of indoor plant in a blue pot will make a perfect house warming gift. The dark color of the pot will provide the perfect contrast to your settings. The small size pot with the plant can be carried and set up as per your own convenience and choice. Whether you prefer placing it on a table or decorating it in your room, you will not regret buying this air-purifying plant.


  • It is an air purifying plant suitable for indoor placing
  • The plant can be easily maintained
  • You can place this plant easily on tabletops and hanging baskets
  • The decorative piece will give a great look to the setting
  • The plant must be kept in a semi-shade for the growth

Material- The metal pot comes with a live plant

Color- The green plant with a dark blue color pot

Plant Type- The heart-shaped philodendron plant is not just a decorative piece. The light green color vine will bright up your corner and the new leaves come in lime color, giving it an exotic look. The plant loves to climb and is an air cleanser.

Benefits- Keeping this plant gives a decorative look. The light green contrasting with the blue color along with the air cleaner qualities is the best part about this plant

Point To Note- The plant must be kept in semi-shade and older leaves must be removed from time to time to give way to the new one. The soil of the plant must be kept moist.  

11. If Bonsai is your favorite then don’t miss this 3-year-old plant

Price- Rs. 940

This last piece on the list will become your favorite one. Bonsai is one of the most famous indoor and outdoor plants. Generally kept in the living rooms or on the entrance, the elegance that it gives cannot be denied. The best part is, you can buy this plant in a smaller size as well. The 3-year-old bonsai plant in an English purple pot will provide elegance. Place it in your living space or outdoor, the decor of that area will be entirely different.


  • The plant enhances the beauty of your place
  • It represents wealth, peace and happiness
  • The great piece to give as a gift
  • The lightweight of the pot makes it easy to move from one place to another
  • The plant can be easily maintained and needs minimal supervision

Material- 3-year-old Bonsai plant with English Purple Plot

Dimensions- The lush bonsai plant is 3’tall in the ceramic pot

Benefits- The bonsai plant comes in a stylish pot and is easily maintained. It makes a great house warming gift to a plant lover. Being an air cleanser plant, it  can be placed in the indoor as well as the outdoor settings

Point To Note- The thing that needs to be noted is that the plant should be groomed on a regular basis. Keep cutting old leaves from time to time to give growth to the new bonsai leaves.  

The table/indoor plants available above will not only provide elegance to the setting but also works to purify the indoor air. Go through the detailed description of the indoor plants and pick the one which you think will complement your place.

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