Tips to prepare for online computer based Bank exams

With the rise agencies adopting in computer based Bank PO exams, students need to modify their preparation strategy to meet this new challenge. Read on to find out how you can crack online Bank exam with ease!

Tips to prepare for online computer based Bank exams
Tips to prepare for online computer based Bank exams

Different sectors have seen the rise in adoption of technology for exam / testing purposes in popular academic and recruitment entrance exams across the country. The banking sector, which is one of the most popular and lucrative career options among young aspirants, has also seen the impact of this trend. Consequently, major bank exam conducting agencies like IBPS, SBI and RBI has either already implemented or are in the process of moving towards bank recruitment exams in computerized online format. The recent trend of moving Banking Recruitment Exams to computerized online format has been met with mixed response from both test takers as well as senior academics. While no one can deny the obvious advantages of computer based bank recruitment tests, many have criticized the move as it widens the gap between students on the basis of their access and familiarity with computer technology.

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We have listed a few tips to help you out below:

Pros & Cons of Computerized Tests:

Before moving on to discussing preparation techniques for online banking examinations, it is necessary to understand why the authorities have decided to move towards such a format.

Advantages of Computerized Bank Exams

  • Ease and convenience of conducting exam through designated computerized test centers
  • Reduction in cases of paper leaks, which generally happen during physical transfer of exam papers
  • Exam papers can be drafted in multiple formats to avoid instances like paper leaks
  • Comparatively low cost of conducting the exam
  • Use of graphics, charts and interactive content in the question papers
  • Near zero human errors and reduced chances of cheating and corruption
  • Quick assessment of computerized papers, faster announcement of results
  • Simple and easy method to provide instructions and tutorial for exams

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Disadvantages of Computerized Bank Exams

  • Not all students possess necessary computer knowledge and comfort to appear for online tests
  • Non-familiarity of testing environment for students
  • Non-reliable technology and frequent cases of glitches and computer related issues
  • Lack or low availability of computerized test centers for banking exams

 The above list clearly shows that advantages of computerized online Banking exams outweigh its disadvantages, which is why IBPS, SBI, RBI and other banking agencies have decided to move towards computerized testing for bank recruitment tests. While it may be a bit uncomfortable initially, but this  move is right considering all the associated advantages that it offers. Moreover, all banking professionals are required to have basic computer knowledge and, therefore, should not face any major difficulties in appearing for online bank exams.

Tips to prepare for Computerized Bank PO Exams

Computerized Bank recruitment exams are yet in adoptive stage and many banks and exam agencies have not fully accommodated, but going forward, they are going to be standardized testing apparatus for bank recruitment. Considering this, it is advisable for aspirants to start preparing for computerized bank exams from now on. While the syllabus, exam pattern and format will continue to remain the same, but the change of mode for IPBS PO exams will need aspirants to put in extra efforts to crack the bank exams. Some common tips that banking aspirants appearing for online computer based exams should include in their preparation strategy are mentioned below:

Familiarize yourself with exam environment

One of the more recurring criticisms about computerized bank exams has been the inability of students to be able to comfortably answer and complete the test paper in time. The solution to this problem lies with the aspirant himself/herself.  Aspirants appearing for online Bank PO exams should familiarize themselves with the new and innovative testing environment. This will not only help you get a grasp over exam format, style and question type, but also help you understand in advanced the instructions for the online computer bank exams.

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Use technology to your advantage

Technology has always been known to show the way forward and usher in the new and futuristic era in different sectors. This is no different with respect to online Bank PO exams as well! As a banking exam aspirant, you need to focus on how to use technology to your advantage and reduce the amount of time and effort taken to complete the computer based bank exam paper.

Identify your strengths & weaknesses

Once you are familiar with the new testing technology and format, you will be able to clearly identify your weaknesses and strengths. This will help you work on them individually and practice will help you overcome your weaknesses in a phased manner. For instance, you might be comfortable solving quick math based problems on a computer but English language questions might be difficult for you to read on the screen; in such case you can start concentrating more upon English section rather than Math.

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Online Mock Tests

With the rise of computerized RBI Bank exams, many coaching centres and test prep websites have started offering online mock tests to the aspirants. These mock tests are prepared after thorough understanding of exam syllabus, format and question style and therefore will be able to help you experience real time computerized exam. Online Mock Tests will also be very helpful, when it comes to timing yourself and ensuring that you complete the Bank PO paper within the stipulated time frame.

Use Shortcuts & Tricks

Banking Exam aspirants are known to use lots of shortcuts and quick tricks to solve mathematical and quantitative problems asked in the Bank PO exam. Well, this factor remains the same as far as online computerized tests are concerned. In fact, many students have reported that they found more shortcuts and tricks they can use in the online examination as it didn’t require any physical calculation on the paper. So, try to figure out shortcuts and tricks that will help you out in computerized Bank Exams.

Although, computerized Banking exams may seem like a challenge right now, but looking at the adopting of computer technology, it is obvious that it is going to take over the pen and paper tests especially for professional entrance examinations. Therefore, banking aspirants should modify their preparation strategy to accommodate the challenge of online computerized Bank PO exams.

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