RBI Assistant or Bank PO: Which one to go for?

RBI is an apex bank of the country whereas wheres IBPS PO exam gives you an officer level job in public sector bank. So, when somebody ends up having both the jobs, it becomes a tough choice, an officer in a PSB or a clerk in RBI?

RBI Assistant or Bank PO: Which one to go for?
RBI Assistant or Bank PO: Which one to go for?

In the recent days, banking sector has come out with the most number of recruitment notifications in order to take staff in various levels such as clerical and officer cadre. All the banks, including the apex bank RBI, come out with such notifications every year nowadays. There are a number of applicants who get a number of job offers from a number of banks and then, the toughest choice of their lives comes into the picture as they have to choose. A wrong choice may hurt their careers badly whereas a good choice will set them up for life.

RBI publishes notification for recruitment of assistants in various offices across the country every year, IBPS PO, SBI PO are the most talked about examination of the year for the banking aspirants. We shall try to find out the details about both the jobs in order to understand the pros and cons of the jobs:

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RBI Assistant: A Stepping Stone to the Central Bank

RBI recruits in the assistant cadre for various offices of the apex bank across the country. Candidates are often confused whether to go for RBI because of the name attached to it or they should take up an officer level job in any other bank. RBI Assistant offers you the following things:
• Salary and Allowances: The starting salary of an assistant of RBI comes to around 24000/- gross and after deduction, in hand salary comes to around 22000/- approx. Other than this, he gets various allowances such as book grant, conveyance allowance, briefcase grant, medical grant, quarters for accommodation etc.
• Promotion: RBI assistants can opt for the departmental examination in order to get promoted to Grade A Officer cadre but that is after minimum service of 5 years in the bank. After that, it takes place in regular intervals of 5 years but normally, due to less number of vacancies, it becomes difficult to climb up the ladder in the organization in the later stages.

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• Work Pressure: No work pressure is there in the central bank and as an added advantage; you do not have to deal with customers on a daily basis just like other banks. It is 5-day week at RBI and the working hours are fixed and you hardly have to stay back after the working hours.
• Social Status: The name RBI is enough to garner the status in society, irrespective of your position in the organisation. If you are determined to become a banker and want to stay in your home state, this is the best job for you.
• Postings: The best part about RBI is its postings. You are always posted in metro cities or state capitals since RBI has branches in only those areas. So, plenty of opportunities to relax as in assistant cadre, you always get home posting.
• Job Profile: As an assistant in the central bank, you are given responsibility of all the clerical duties such as keeping track of mails, giving draft replies to RTI Applications, maintaining files etc. It is basically a desk job with fixed working hours.

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Bank PO: The OFFICER Job

IBPS conducts this examination every year to recruit candidates for officer posts in public sector banks of the country whereas SBI conducts its own examination every year to recruit officers in its various offices. This is the dream job of many aspirants since it opens the door to an officer cadre job for the aspirants in PSBs. So, what does it feel like as an officer of a PSB?

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• Salary and Allowances: The salary and allowances of bank officers are expectedly much higher than that of RBI Assistants. Moreover, allowances are also there in all the banks, more or less. You get allowances such as conveyance allowance, House Rent Allowance, Briefcase grant, Newspaper allowance, internet allowance, closing allowance, mobile bill reimbursement, medical facilities etc among others.
• Job Profile: This is an executive level job and that is why, you have to be good at taking decisions with only your presence mind at your beck and call. You have to think on your feet most of the times but that is what makes life interesting, you have your clerical staff to help you discharge your daily duties. As a general banking officer, you have to do daily duties such as receipts, payments, cash verification, ATM cash replenishment, fixed deposits, coordinating with your higher authorities, sending reports etc whereas as a credit officer, you are supposed to take care of the loan department of the bank.
• Postings: Compared to RBI Assistant, posting is a bone of contention for most of the candidates selected as an officer in any PSB. You can get postings in remote rural areas and it becomes very difficult to live a life there or even make staying arrangements. So, if you are opting for Bank PO, get ready for frequent transfers as well as remote postings.
• Promotion: Banking Sector provides the best promotional avenues among any other sector of the economy. If you are a performer, you are likely to be rewarded for your efforts sufficiently and you can even become the MD-CEO of a bank after joining as an officer. No other job will offer you this.
• Social Status: As an officer, you are due to get social standing and your family will definitely be proud of you. You have power in your hands to change the lives of people and that commands tremendous respect from people.
• Work Pressure: As said earlier, you have to take decisions and have to back them up later in front of your reporting authority but that is the thrill of the job. You have to work under pressure but you get adequate incentives to work under pressure whereas on the other hand, you are unlikely to be fired for being unable to meet your targets.

Both the jobs have their own perks as well problems. At the end of the day, you have to think your priorities and decide accordingly. If you want to stay in your home state all your life with a decent salary and happy family life, RBI is for you and you also get ample time to study for any other job. On the other hand, bank PO gives you little time to concentrate on other things since you have to give your everything to the bank but you get paid adequately and most of your needs are taken care of very well. So, think wisely and choose wisely because having more than one choice is not always a blessing it seems to others.

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